Student data privacy bill needs slips now. File in support!

Chicago’s Raise Your Hand Action were in Springfield to lobby for the student data privacy bill in March. They were back again today.

Ready to testify in support of the bill that would protect student data, Chicago parents from Raise Your Hand Action were down in Springfield today Wednesday to lobby for the bill’s passage and testify before the committee.

They never got to testify.

Instead the bill will come before the committee tomorrow, Thursday.

This bill will provide parents with basic transparency and control over the vast amounts of data being harvested from their children in public schools.

Tech companies and school management just don’t think it’s a priority for parents to know and control what’s happening to their children’s sensitive personal data.

If we can get this bill passed in committee tomorrow, it will need to pass on the House floor by Friday.

So, witness slips are needed tonight or early tomorrow morning.

In other words, now.

File your slip as a PROPONENT for HFA3.

When meeting in the Capitol with a lobbyist from the Illinois Education Association the parents were told that he was directed by the IEA to oppose the bill.

Why? He couldn’t or wouldn’t say.

I would think that a bill that would prevent the misuse of student data would be something classroom teachers would appreciate and support.

It might be something delegates to this weekend’s IEA RA might want to ask their leaders.

Fill out a proponent witness slip with this link.

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