Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Episode #112. Rachel DeWoskin.

I spent the month of December, 1977 in the People’s Republic of China. This was way before formal diplomatic relations were established between the United States and China.

That wouldn’t happen until two years later.

But Nixon got there before me.

Rachel DeWoskin went to China after Nixon and after me. She was really just a kid at the time. Her dad was a Sinologist who traveled the country researching and digging up ancient tools and instruments.

In her 20s she was asked to act in a TV soap opera called Foreign Babes in Beijing, a sort of Chinese Sex in the City, except with an estimated audience of 600 million.

Rachel was on Hitting Left to talk about her latest novel, Someday We Will Fly.

It is the story of a family of Polish Jews whose only refuge from the Nazis is the city of Shanghai, China. For reasons explained in the book, Shanghai provided safety from the Nazis even as the United States was turning Jewish immigrants away.

We get into a real interesting conversation about teaching writing, teaching history from historical fiction, doing research and the nature of research itself.

The podcast is here.

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