In L.A. with Chicago and Georgia on my mind.


We are visiting friends in Los Angeles this week.

That didn’t stop us from taking time out to watch the inauguration of our new mayor, Lori Lightfoot.

Thank goodness for the internet.

One of the most moving moments in our new mayor’s speech:

As I stand here today, Georgia is also on my mind, as is Alabama and every other state that is enacting laws intended to deprive women of our rights. Me must stand with women all across our country who fear for their basic rights and feel powerless in the face of the hateful legislation designed to control our bodies, our choices. We cannot go back — not in Chicago, not as a nation. We will join together and we will fight.

This prompts me again to ask the leaders of the National Education Association to begin now to make arrangements to move the 2020 NEA RA out of Georgia where it is currently scheduled.

Or, if it is too late to make the logistical changes or the cost is too high, cancel it in protest of this fundamental attack on human rights that is currently underway.

Michael Antonucci reports that the NEA affiliate in New Hampshire is quietly planning to skip this year’s NEA RA in Houston in protest of Texas’ treatment of the undocumented and the gender non-normative.

NEA New Hampshire’s 17,000 members will not be represented at this year’s gathering where the national union’s policies for the 2019-20 school year will be debated and approved. The move is a protest against what the union sees as discriminatory policies against undocumented immigrants and the LGBTQ community in Houston and the state of Texas, according to sources familiar with the decision. It wasn’t immediately clear which specific policies aimed at these two groups prompted the New Hampshire delegation to stay home and the state affiliate’s spokesperson did (not) respond to a request for comment.

This is the first time in my 22 years of covering NEA’s annual convention that a state affiliate has decided not to attend.

Of course, that is another option for 2020. To protest Georgia’s ban on abortions state delegations could refuse to attend.

I find it hard to imagine that the IEA leadership would take such a principled stand as that, but I would encourage delegates to challenge the state’s leaders to stand up for equal rights.

We can always be surprised.

Who thought that one year ago, Chicago’s mayor would be Lori Lightfoot?

2 thoughts on “In L.A. with Chicago and Georgia on my mind.

  1. Hey Fred,Hope your enjoying LA! I attempted to post this to your posts about Mayor Lightfoot and Abortion/Equal Rights… but could not paste the cartoon into the comment page. Perhaps you will deem this post and image worthy of posting on my behalf. thanks, Curtis House. Congrats to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot… “You want Lori?”Regarding a Woman’s Right to Abortion, the choice is clear and simple. Yes, Women do and should continue to have the exclusive right to choose. And to have access to the best health related care, convenient facilities and insurance support. Attached herewith is an image that pretty much tells it like it is when it comes to Pro-Lifers and Abortion.

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