The Sun-Times editorial board lies. There is no teacher pension ‘spiking.” None of these facts will matter.

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The unfunded liability: Nothing to do with pension benefits. It is entirely due to the state’s failure to pay into the pension funds over decades what they owe.

It was just a few days ago that I posted how Crain’s Greg Hinz and the Chicago Federation’s Larry Msall lied about the cap on teacher’s pensionable raises and a pension spike.

But no sooner had I hit the publish button than the Chicago Sun-Times repeats the lie.

I thought the Sun-Times was the pro-labor paper in town.

I guess we’re on our own folks.

But in the last-minute move on June 1, probably in response to a “Repeal the 3%” campaign by the state teachers’ union, the governor and Legislature bumped the cap back up to 6%. The increase, which was nixed by the House earlier this spring when it was stand-alone legislation, doesn’t affect Chicago, which has its own teacher pension fund.

This latest pension sweetener will allow local school districts to raise teacher’s pay by 24%-plus in their final four years — without having to pay the correspondingly higher pensions. The cost to Illinois reportedly is projected to be $20 million in the first year, rising rapidly to $60 million a year.

  1. It was the state’s Democratic Party leaders who snuck the 3% cap into last year’s budget at the last moment when nobody was looking.
  2. Which school district is raising teacher pay by 6% a year? Most are offering less than 3%.
  3. What happened to the concern for the teacher shortage and the fact that teachers are paid on the average 11% less than those with comparable education.
  4. An Illinois teacher’s pension takes the average of our final four year raises as part of the pension calculation. The 24% number is baloney.
  5. $20 to $60 million? The states total pension liability is over $140 billion dollars.
  6. The pension benefits paid to teachers is small compared to the interest paid on the debt which was created by the state’s decades long failure to pay what they owed.

None of these facts will matter.

7 thoughts on “The Sun-Times editorial board lies. There is no teacher pension ‘spiking.” None of these facts will matter.

  1. Freddie boy, quit playing the innocent little boy with his toe in the sand. There all kinds of f’ing games played by teachers, firemen, copes and legislators to get pension bumps, all of which are “legal. that is what gets people pissed off at the teachers and their union. Please don;t give out any platitudes about the little old teacher from Cairo eating cat food because her pension sucks. Maybe it does but she is the exception, not the rest of you guys/gals.

    1. My pension doesn’t suck. I earned it. Every working person should have one as good or better.

    2. You know what, Dip Stick? Why don’t YOU just stick it! Yes, we have been playing ALL kinds of “games” (paying off legislators, sending in paid lobbyists–because, collectively, we teachers, firemen & cops are all SO wealthy, courtesy of our pensions) to enrich ourselves.
      Since you are so (NOT) knowledgeable, I suggest you conduct a study/do research to prove that “the little old teacher from Cairo eating cat food” being the “exception.”
      Then you can compare your findings to those of the Illinois Retired Teachers’ Foundation, which helps people like the “exception” you cited.

  2. I agree that there is no pension spiking with the 3% Rule reversal. I also believe that this, to reporters, is just negative headlines to get the public stirred up. It is easy to be a copycat and not take the time to understand certain issues. I believe the Illinois Policy Institute also reported this as a pension spike.

  3. Hi Fred……..Thank you so much for sending this important info!!!!!  It is so good!!!  I am sending to some people…..I am having lunch with some teachers today………Prayers, Best wishes,   cris

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