Write the check. Pass the workweek ordinance.

I am still thinking about how Ta-Nahesi Coates made the case for reparations yesterday, Juneteenth, in testimony before a Congressional committee.

I’m no advocate for a national curriculum.

However, if I were king, Coates’ presentation – only 8 minutes in length – would be required in every high school in America.

The hearings were all about a bill, H.R. 40, to establish a committee to study the issue of reparations.

I believe Coates just did the work for them.

Let’s write the damn check now.

Meanwhile Chicago’s Fair Workweek bill is waiting for Chicago city council action.

Politico’s Illinois Playbook reports:

The Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Chicago Legislative Reception at Joy District cocktail bar. Chamber President & CEO Jack Lavin surprised guests when he urged urged chamber members to talk to aldermen about finding a compromise on the city legislation that would change how companies schedule employees. Proponents call it the “fair workweek” ordinance, and chamber folks describe it as “restrictive scheduling.” SPOTTED: Aldermen Roderick Sawyer, Stephanie Coleman, Matt O’Shea, Gilbert Villegas, Gregory Mitchell, James Cappleman and Tom Tunney; Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin; state Reps. Ann Williams, La Shawn Ford and Theresa Mah; state Sen. Toi Hutchinson, Omar Aquino and Elgie Sims; and Illinois Retail Merchants Association CEO Rob Karr.

Those aldermen who attended the Chamber of Commerce reception might want to hear from you.

I’m not sure what the “compromise” to fair treatment of workers and timely notice of work schedules might be. I’m pretty sure that if it is coming from the Chamber it won’t be good.

If you live in their wards, you might want to give your alderman’s office a call.


3 thoughts on “Write the check. Pass the workweek ordinance.

  1. Fred, how big a check? And my great grandfather was In the 25th Illinois and served three years in the Civil War and came home with a limp that he had for the rest is his lif. Will I be entitled to anything for having ancestor who fought to end slavery? How about Blacks that are not by DNA 100% from Africa, would their check by prorated? And more significant, would you want Blacks to be compensated even if you knew it would mean Donald Trump will be re-elected as the last gasp of “Old White Guys” in America? Absolutely serious with the last question. Bob Lyons

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    1. Those who fought, like your great grandfather, to end slavery, and particularly those who died, Black and white, are American heroes. You and I already have received the moral benefit that came from ending that evil institution. But not only did those who suffered receive no restitution, they continue to suffer from the stench of the system of slavery today. There is a debt that must be paid.

  2. We think one of our relatives switched sides to Union. That said the greed slave were promised a compensation package…..I read it as a verbal contract so. The people whining about it sure love inheritance so pay up.

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