What’s your ethnicity?

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Thank you to the Thug President for pulling Nancy Pelosi off the ledge.

The Democratic Speaker of the House and the DNC were thisclose to waging open warfare against AOC and the rest of the Left in and out of the Democratic Party.

Some might argue that she actually took a leap off the ledge only to have the Thug President grab her by her red jacket collar and pull her back in.

The purpose of the Thug’s tweets telling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (who is a socialist) and Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley (who were elected as Democrats) to go back where they came from was transparent as hell.

He meant to unite the Democratic Party in defending its progressive wing. He and his advisors figured this would drive independents from the Democrats and strengthen his position in November.

I think it is a faulty calculation on Trump’s part.

It did unite Democrats.

For the moment.

House Democrats unanimously voted to condemn the Thug’s racism and his tweeets. They were joined by just four Republicans.

The question now is whether this is temporary unity and be short-lived?

Another way to put it is, in the long run who is Pelosi and the DNC more afraid of?

AOC or Trump?

Biden is clearly the DNC’s current choice and will remain their choice if he doesn’t totally screw up, which is no sure bet.

So, will Biden be running against AOC or Trump?

Is Pelosi and Biden (if he turns out to be the nominee) more frightened by the rising tide of young progressives, women and brown and Black activists pushing a Left agenda in the Party? And they are its demographic and political future.

Or Trump?

I’m afraid I know.



2 thoughts on “What’s your ethnicity?

  1. What’s sickening about the current state of affairs is that Trump’s lunacy has almost completely hushed and caused most Americans to forget all about the controversial decisions made by the Bush / Cheney crooks that should have been investigated. For example, the decision to launch attacks in the Mid East on countries that just happen to be flowing over with oil, ….the fact that on 911 a NYC tower crumpled without being hit – strangely it fell in the same manner that buildings go down when they are set up for planned demolition,…… the controversy regarding a younger Bush family member being in charge of security for the twin towers very close to the time of the attack,….or let’s not forget the “accidental” shooting in the face by Cheney of a close “friend” while on a hunting trip. Trump is doing a great job of steering our minds away from the sins of the Bush / Cheney era.

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