Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers and Loreen Targos and Jake Lewis.



That wasn’t the temperature outside of our studio on South Morgan in Bridgeport, although it felt that hot.

Friday was Hitting Left’s 121st show since my brother and I moved our weekly morning conversation over coffee in a local Logan Square coffee joint to just down the block from Bridgeport Coffee on Morgan Street.

Lumpen Radio has been a good home for us.

Now guests join us for coffee, careful to keep it off the table that houses the control panel.

We want no spills.


Friday we were joined by the Communications Director of the Chicago Federation of Labor, Jake Lewis and award winning scientist and union activist Loreen Targos who is with AFGE Local 704, which represents about 1,000 Environmental Protection Employees in the midwest.

Both come from the Chicago’s northern suburbs.

Jake says he’s been with the CFL only for a couple of months, having previously been  running an organization called Illinois Working Together, a labor coalition battling the anti-worker agenda of former governor and mistake, Bruce Rauner.

Prior to that he was working up in Wisconsin on the Walker recall election.

Loreen cut her activist teeth coming out of college when she went to work for the Metropolitan Tenants Organization.

“I would travel around Chicago and saw the rampant economic inequality,” she told us.

Loreen made headlines last week when after winning an award form her bosses at the EPA she unfurled a banner on stage.


We spent time talking to Jake about the expected vote this week in Chicago City Council on the Fair Workweek ordinance which is supported by Mayor Lightfoot.

You can catch the podcast here.


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