The Democratic Party centrists love work-based health insurance. We hated it so much we had go on strike over it.


Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.07.12 AMWhen the last two nights of Democratic debates got into health care, those who argued for keeping work-based health insurance as something people love must be talking about people on some other planet.

One joker up there kept talking about Medicare for All as making work-based insurance illegal.

I wish.

In 2003 we were bargaining a contract in our school district. We had come to tentative agreement on all the issues except for how much the district would pay and how much the employee would pay for coverage.

This was an issue we had to bargain every contract and it was harder than bargaining actual salary because we had no control over what the insurance companies would charge the district and, like most school districts in the state, we were a small group. One major claim and the cost would skyrocket.

We were able to agree that employees would be covered as part of the overall compensation package. But the cost of family coverage, which was needed by roughly 40% of the employees, would be paid for by the employee, not the district.

Even in 2003 it was an astronomical dollar amount.

I recall one board meeting where a male teacher with a wife and kids at home brought in copies of his pay stub with the family health insurance deduction and distributed copies to the board and others in the audience.

It was a dramatic moment and a shocker.

When the so-called moderate Democrats try to scare people with lines like “increased taxes on the middle class,” what the hell do they think that charge for family coverage is other than a tax by another name?

By the way, the fight over that wonderful work-based health insurance led to our first strike in 25 years.

The strike ended after a week with an agreement that reduced employee costs for family coverage by 25%.

Within a couple of years we were right back up there again.

Who doesn’t love a system like that?


6 thoughts on “The Democratic Party centrists love work-based health insurance. We hated it so much we had go on strike over it.

  1. Corporate America is speaking. Biden is against Medicare for all because it costs too much.

    Today’s employer-provided insurance is riddled with deductibles, co-pays, denials of reimbursement, limits on which doctor or hospital you can use, and loss of insurance when you change jobs. Wages are often lowered after the increasing cost of healthcare is taken out.

    Healthcare in the United States costs TWICE as much per capita as in the other industrialized countries. Much of our healthcare dollar is siphoned off into the profits and exorbitant pay for CEO’s.

    Life expectancy of the following OECD countries is higher than in the US: Chile, Costa Rica, Portugal, Slovenia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, France, Austria, Korea, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Australia, Iceland, Span, Sweden, Israel, Norway, Italy, Japan, Switzerland (2017 figures)

    “Unbiased reporting” in corporate controlled media are laughable when they are setting the agenda and controlling the narrative. Headline: “Joe Biden Did Fine, and That Might Have Been Enough”.That was brought to us by the NYT.

  2. Joe Biden helped lock up an entire generation.

    Many people imprisoned due to the fraudulent race based War on Drugs…should be released from bondage…immediately.

    As a matter of course… The War on Drugs was all ways a War on People.

    There are no drugs rotting in prison cells …only people.

    What’s the observable difference between an antebellum Plantation and America’s Prison “System”…?

    I can’t tell.

    Let our people go.

    1. Good point, Eric. If you think about it, there is a good deal of similarities going on when you compare the Mexican Drug Cartels with the lack of crackdown that our government has on all of the people up and down the line who are profiting immensely from the Opioid Crisis going on here in America. For starters, the Stackler family should be serving time in Angola Prison in Louisiana.

  3. Let us not forget that those ugly, financially crippling student loans that Bernie is trying to do away with, were in a large part created by Joe Biden and his friendly banker buddies. What an American.

    Good old Joe….the man of the people, doesn’t take a limo to work. He rides the train to work like everybody else, with his newspaper and coffee. He’s one of us. Right!

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