Why won’t the NEA do more than send prayers and thoughts?

The NY Times tries to put lipstick on a racist pig.

The pictures coming out of Dayton and El Paso this weekend continue to be hard to watch.

I keep reading that you can become immune to it. About how it can be the new normal.

Not yet. Not for me.

Officials don’t know, or aren’t saying, what made the Dayton killer engage in mass murder.

There is no question about what propelled the killings in El Paso. In spite of the New York Times trying to put lipstick on that immigrant hating racist president, the killer was part of Trump’s MAGA militia.

As an aside: Did the Democratic Socialists of America really vote this weekend not to endorse any candidate to defeat Trump if Bernie is not the Democratic nominee?


The President of the National Education Association, Lily Eskelsen Garcia tweeted her prayers and thoughts.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 7.30.22 AM

Enough indeed.

But when at the last two Illinois Education Association and the National Education Association conventions, New Business Items were placed before the delegates to refuse to endorse those politicians who opposed gun control legislation, taking money from the National Rifle Association, the proposals received no support from the union leadership and items were defeated.

Springfield pro-gun Congressman Rodney Davis with former IEA President Cinda Klickna.

Here in Illinois, Springfield Republican Congressman Rodney Davis continues to be an IEA favorite in spite of a 95% Trump voting record and NRA endorsements.



5 thoughts on “Why won’t the NEA do more than send prayers and thoughts?

  1. NEA has never been real strong in the brains category. Trickles down to the local level, as well: just witness Kentucky. ________________________________

  2. It is horrible to have to say thanks, Fred, for your posts (horrible, because you shouldn’t HAVE to be writing posts about shootings). It reminds us all of the ignorance & inaction that leadership (have to ? that word, what it means, & who qualifies as a leader). Tonight, at 6:30 PM, there is a Candlelight Vigil that was originally called for the restoration of Voting Rights, but, now, sure that it will be much more. I have to look at the flyer again, after writing this, & I will post the information. I’m hoping that thousands will be out in the street; am sorry for the late notice.

    1. The event is 6:30 PM TONIGHT at 435 N. Michigan–Pioneer Court (just south of Tribune Tower).
      Sponsored by many groups: Public Citizen, League of Women Voters, United for Democracy Now, Stand Up America, People for the American Way, Refuse Fascism & others.

  3. I noticed the AFT is threatening a boycott of Walmart. They should not just threaten. They should go ahead and boycott, and tell Walmart the boycott will end when Walmart stops selling guns. It would be good if the NEA joined the boycott as well.

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