Banning the socialist Gustav Courbet from Facebook.

The Desperate Man (Self-portrait) by Gustav Courbet, 1843.

You know about the on-going debate about whether Russian bots – some using Facebook – made a difference in the outcome of the 2016 election.

My tendency, without discounting that there was Russian, Israeli or American dark money, is to hold the Democratic Party leadership mostly responsible.

They rigged the nomination of a terrible candidate.

A side-bar to the Russian bot theory is that Facebook should become a censor of what can bee seen on its site.

Some want to replace the first amendment with Jeff Zuckerberg.

I have received warnings on several occasions from Facebook about things I have posted that were neither sexual nor defaming.

The Russian bot thing is now thrown around as frequently as Trump yelling fake news.

Just the other day someone accused me of being a Russian bot because I reported on a resolution voted out of the Democratic Socialists of America which declared that if Bernie wasn’t the Democratic Party nominee then they wouldn’t support any other Democrat against Trump.

Which is why I bring up Gustav Courbet.

Courbet is a favorite painter of mine. I admire his great skill as a realist painter and as a revolutionary who participated in the Paris Commune of 1871.


After an eight-year legal battle full of twists and turns, Facebook agreed to settle a case with Frédéric Durand-Baïssas, a French kindergarten teacher who sued the company for suspending his account after he posted Gustave Courbet’s nude painting “L’Origine du monde” (“The Origin of the World,” 1866).

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 8.41.51 AM

In 2017 The Guardian leaked a Facebook internal document which addressed how problematic it was deciding what speech (and art) was acceptable to Facebook.

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 8.48.04 AM

No kidding.

What does all this have to do with Russian bots and the 2020 election?

I don’t know.

Except that if they rig the system like they did in 2016 and it gives the election to Trump then they can blame it all on the Russians again.

6 thoughts on “Banning the socialist Gustav Courbet from Facebook.

  1. Fred,
    The Big Tech companies enjoy legal immunity premised on the assumption they will respect free speech.
    Well that shipped sailed, what now?
    Folks are banned or put in jail/penalty box all the time for expressing views not generally accepted
    in The Valley.
    This windmill even I will help you tilt.

  2. Excellent point about the Democratic Party being responsible for a lot of this mess. The Hillary / Donna Brazille “leaked debate questions” incident still irks me………especially when I turn on George Stephanopolous on Sunday with his panel of guest, celebrity political experts (Rahm Emmanuel, Donna Brazille, Megan McCain, Chris Christie, etc). A good lot of them should have been in jail for the stunts that their rich, fast talking butts have pulled over the years.

    As far as all of those people who hate Russia because they (Russia) supposedly interfered with our so-called “lily white” Democracy and it’s fair election process, I wish one of them could tell me why that bad Russian government does not allow glyphosate in foods eaten by its citizens. On the other hand, glyphosate gets a free ride in this country, despite the fact that people are starting to get settlements because they have cancer from exposure to this toxic chemical. Many politicians get lobbyist money from the manufacturer of this deadly product. In return, politicians do not vote to discontinue use of this poison.

  3. Have we become a nation desperate for freedom?…I wonder…every day.

    Have we become a nation fearful of a Reality Star Dictator?…I wonder more…and more.

    Will we allow our country and ourselves to be dominated by an obvious bully…or will We the People rebuke a would be fascist dictator…and his dominated subservient enablers?

  4. Art is in the eye of …Facebook?

    Was Facebook created by our Big Brother?

    Does anyone remember the publicly unacceptable Total Information Awareness Program…or did it slip down The Memory Hole…and re-emerge in a “new” form?

    Is Zuckerberg the actual creator of Facebook…I alone wonder?

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