Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers and Marie Newman. She is running for Congress against the worst Democrat.


Marie Newman came back to Hitting Left as part of her second campaign to unseat the guy who I consider the worst Democrat in Congress.

Marie was with us during her first try two years ago.  And I was with her. It’s not unusual in Chicago politics for it to take several tries before you unseat a Machine-backed incumbent.

The Lipinski family has held this seat for decades.

Congressman Dan Lipinski is a bigot.

There is no other way to put it.

How can the leadership of the Democratic Party support anyone who is against women’s reproductive rights and full democratic rights for all regardless of gender, identity or status?

He is one of three Congressional Democrats who remain rigidly anti-women’s reproductive rights.

He is the only Congressional Democrat not to sign on to a bill expanding the rights of LGBTQ people.

He is anti-immigrant and supports the Trump border wall.

Newman supports reproductive right, LGBTQ rights and immigrant rights and sees income inequality as central to her campaign to win a seat in Congress in this working class district that stretches from Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood to the south east suburbs.

She only lost last time by 2,000 votes.

The crazy thing is that the Democratic Party establishment supports the bigot in this race and not the progressive.

Well, maybe not so crazy. It is policy. A “loyalty” oath.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has threatened to black list any consultants who work on Newman’s campaign.

The DCCC, headed by Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, is loyal to Dan Lipinski in spite of it all that is rotten that he stands for.

It is loyalty above substance.

For the Democratic establishment any challenge to the old-boy network is considered disloyalty.

“I support the entire Democratic Congressional Caucus,” DNC chair Tom Perez told me.

Which means that if, for example, you are a progressive young female of color challenging a white male incumbent whose politics are closer to Trump than to basic progressive values, the DNC and the DCCC will vigorously oppose you.

Think AOC.

Which is why I support Marie Newman but could not consider myself a Democrat.

The podcast is here.

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