Preckwinkle. Martwick. Berrios. Familiar names back in the news.

Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 11.03.57 AM
We miss you David Orr.

Remember when David Orr was Cook County Clerk?

It was only a few months ago.

We miss him in that office.

David is a good-government progressive and he ran a clean office.

He was on Hitting Left back in 2017.

David retired from that office and was replaced by Karen Yarbrough.

Yarbrough is in the news today for all the wrong reasons.

Veteran anti-patronage attorney Michael Shakman said in a new legal filing that Yarbrough has put the politically connected into jobs that are supposed to be free from such influence, asked her employees for campaign contributions on their private cellphones and transferred certain supervisors to far-flung offices in hopes they’ll quit.

Corruption in the Cook County Democratic Party is part of its DNA.

The David Orrs are few and far between.

Scroll down the article and there are some familiar names.

There’s Toni Preckwinkle for example.

Preckwinkle, chair of the Cook County Democratic Party, was handily defeated in the race for Chicago mayor by Lori Lightfoot.

One of her associates is implicated in the complaint against Yarbrough by Shackman.

Then there is Robert Martwick.

Martwick’s moment of fame came during the mayoral campaign when he tried to ambush Lightfoot at a press conference and got his head handed to him by Lightfoot instead.

Martwick  is a Democratic member of the Illinois Senate, representing the 10th District since June 28, 2019. The district, includes Chicago’s northwest side and some of its surrounding suburbs. Prior to his appointment to the Illinois Senate, he served in the Illinois House of Representatives from the 19th district.

As Chair of the Committee on Personnel and Pensions, Martwick has been an advocate of privatizing state public employee pensions in the creation of a Tier III.

I got into it with Martwick about the issue last March.

Martwick is also the author of the elected school board bill that would have delayed the elected representative school board for at least four more years.

That bad bill died when Mayor Lightfoot said she wanted one sooner.

Now this.

Further, the filing says Yarbrough put Holly Figliuolo, the sister of state Sen. Robert Martwick, into an executive assistant post that was to be free of political considerations. Martwick, who is 38th Ward Democratic committeeman and has contributed $5,300 to Yarbrough’s political fund, said he had nothing to do with his sister getting a job in the clerk’s office. He called his sister an “awesome” worker who previously was employed under former County Assessor Joseph Berrios.

Yes. That Joe Berrios.

Another name from the recent past.

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