What if everything you know about teacher pay was provided by a racist who thinks immigrants are mentally deficient?

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Libertarian union-hater, Michael Antonucci, has always been a teacher low pay denier and teacher shortage denier.

But now Antonucci has reached down into the racist gutter for his latest attempts to discredit the data on teacher pay and teacher shortages.

Antonucci in The 74 Union Report:

Nowhere is this better illustrated than in an extensive essay in the fall 2019 issue of National Affairs. Written by Andrew G. Biggs and Jason Richwine, it is titled “The Truth About Teacher Pay.” The authors masterfully rebut almost everything we have been led to believe about public school compensation, staffing and working conditions. They tear down virtually every graven image the education establishment has put on display for the past 50 years.

Whoa! That would be some tear down.

Excuse me if I’m suspicious of the source for Antonucci’s data.

I remember Jason Richwine.

I blogged about him in 2013.

Jason Richwine?

I know that name.

Oh, right. He was involved in a March televised discussion with my brother and Jitu Brown, Chicago schools and community activist.

Representing the right-wing Heritage Foundation, he argued that public schools were a waste of money and should be closed. He defended Rahm Emanuel’s school closing agenda.

But Richwine said more than that.

Richwine argued in a 2009 paper that immigrants should be barred based on low IQ, which he claimed would have the effect of keeping out many Hispanics in particular, who may have a “genetic” predilection towards lower intelligence.

“No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against,” Richwine wrote.

He added that it may be advisable to couch these findings in less racially inflammatory terms for political purposes by referring to “skill-based” immigration.

Richard Richwine and Mike Antonucci’s data? Garbage in/garbage out.

2 thoughts on “What if everything you know about teacher pay was provided by a racist who thinks immigrants are mentally deficient?

  1. Fred, your were my birthday party last year and may recall the young woman that come from France to run the Chicago Marathon. She was a graduate of the U of I in electrical or nuclear engineering. In our high school and Champaign she learned French and went to France to get her Masters in the French university specializing In nuclear science and went to work for the company that builds nuclear power plants. And now she is at the University of London getting her MBA. She is fluent in three languages, has citizenship in three countries and can run the marathon in under I 3:15. Richwine is an idiot! Bob Lyons Sent from my iPhone


  2. And girl’s name is Michelle Alvarado and she came from Mexico in the 7th grade speaking almost no English

    Sent from my iPhone


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