Weingarten and conservative Dems want a two-tier health insurance system.


My drawing from 2013.

In a previous post I wrote how American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten has broken with the position of her own union in advocating for work-based health insurance in opposition to those running for president like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders and Warren advocate for universal healthcare in the form of Medicare for All (MFA)

Here is the position of the AFT:

RESOLVED, that the AFT reaffirms that the most sensible and cost-effective solution for health coverage is a single-payer system modeled after the federal Medicare system, such as that proposed by S.B. 1804 and H.R. 676; and

RESOLVED, that the AFT will educate and mobilize its members and our broader community to support universal healthcare coverage.

Two systems of coverage – one public and one privately run by insurance companies and paid for by part of the employee’s compensation package.

I argue that the existence of a multi-billion dollar insurance system will always operate to undermine the public system.

What I didn’t write about in my previous post was how Weingarten and the position of those on the right in the Democratic Party who want to keep work-based insurance are promoting a two-tier health care system.

This is the way Weingarten explains it:

One way to think about it is that Medicare could set the floor, not the ceiling.

Union members would allegedly receive one kind of health care insurance coverage.

The poor would get the floor.

Current union members might argue that their current work-based system sucks.

Imagine what, under Weingarten’s plan, the floor will look like.

5 thoughts on “Weingarten and conservative Dems want a two-tier health insurance system.

  1. The United States is a class based society. Medical care, food, housing and education are allocated according to social class membership. Inequality is enjoying a growth spurt.

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