Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. An Israeli helicopter fighter pilot and a barrio reporter.


In September of 2003, 27 Israeli pilots signed the Pilots Letter.

In the letter they announced their refusal to fly missions over the occupied territories.

Our in studio guest, Yonatan Shapira, author of the letter and one of its signers, was an officer in the Black Hawk helicopter squadron who had flown hundreds of missions over the territories as a rescue pilot in his 11 years in the Israeli air force.

Shapira described his decision, not as an epiphany, but as a process of discovery about what Israel was really doing in places like Gaza.

On our show he told the story of being forced to compare what he was doing with what German Nazi soldiers and pilots had done during the war.

A concentration camp guard just following orders has become the quintessential example of the moral dilemma. But for me, Yonatan’s journey is about when exactly does someone come to realize that they are the concentration camp guard.

Jackie Serrato returns to our show for the third time.

She shared what she has learned from her research of the 1968 Rainbow Coalition, comprised of the Black Panther Party, the Young Lords, the Young Patriots and Student for a Democratic Society.

Serrato’s article in the South Side Weekly is here.

The podcast is here.


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