Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Don Rose and Tom Tresser.

“Chicago is not broke,” said the founder of the CivicLab ant the TIF Illumination Project on our Friday show.

By the way, Friday was the second day of the Chicago teacher strike.

Driving from the north side to Bridgeport, we passed dozens of corners with CPS staff walking the picket line.

Mike kept laying on the horn. I had the window open waving a fist. It was like that all the way down Ashland Avenue.

Don Rose was with us again.

Don is a veteran political strategist who has been organizing in this town going all the way back to Martin Luther King’s open housing marches in Gage Park and Marquette Park.

There’s not a politician in Chicago that Don hasn’t got a story about.

Including the great Chicago Mayor, Harold Washington. Don was a key player in Harold’s election. Don recalled that Harold also faced a couple of teacher strikes, although he didn’t have mayoral control on the schools in those days.

Tresser is an actor turned political organizer.

He recalled that it was federal cuts to the Arts that put him on this path.

We spent a good amount of time talking about Tax Increment Financing, or TIFs.

Tresser wants them gone.

Looking past the teachers strike, both Rose and Tresser agreed that we will be able to tell a lot about the Mayor’s political agenda when she releases her budget in a few weeks.

The podcast is here.

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