Trumpy Monday.

Trump chased out of Chicago, March 2016. Fred Klonsky photo.

Trump has snuck into Chicago and suburbs a few times since he was chased out of town by thousands of protesters in March of 2016.

He was still a candidate that night in March but Chicago knew what he was.

Trump had scheduled a rally at the UIC arena for his supporters, but twice as many protesters as supporters showed up.

He claimed the Chicago police has told him to cancel for his own safety. But that was just another Trump lie.

He was scared to speak.

He will be back in town on Monday for some fundraisers and a speech to the conference of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

And he will also hold a fundraiser at Trump Tower.

I’m not fan of Chicago’s top cop, Eddie Johnson. But to his credit he has announced that he is not attending the Trump speech.

In reaction, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police board on Wednesday issued a vote of no confidence against Johnson. The FOP Lodge 7 Board of Directors said it voted to protest Johnson’s decision to boycott Trump’s speech.

Those are some of the same cops who will be present when thousands show up to protest Trump at his Trump Tower and Hotel.

The time of the protest isn’t exactly clear. But whether it is at 11:30 as some have said, or in the evening as others have said, the building will be probably surrounded all day.

The police chief’s group is holding its annual convention at McCormick Place for five days beginning Friday. Last year in Florida, Trump addressed the organization with a speech in which he called on Chicago to implement a stop and frisk policy, since “the crime spree has a terrible blight on that city.”

Yesterday Mayor Lightfoot announced in her budget address that murders and crime numbers were dropping in the city without official stop and frisk policies. And while there is no shortage of violence here still, Trump has used Chicago as racist code

Given the vote of no confidence in Johnson and the pro-Trump stand of the FOP, we don’t have to guess what the unofficial police policy is.

The fund raising by the Trump Victory Committee will be a joint effort of Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee. It will be hosted by Todd Ricketts, the committee’s finance chair and Chicago Cubs co-owner.

In a fundraising email announcing the visit and offering a chance to win VIP tickets in a sweepstakes, Trump said he was “hosting a lunch at a very nice hotel,” according to the Tribune.

Welcome to Chicago, Mr. President. See you Monday at whenever.

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