Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Klonsky on Klonsky.


My brother and I have been doing this broadcast and podcast for over two years now.

Always with a guest.

Usually the guest is a local politician, school activist, Black Live Matter organizer, independent journalist or academic.

This week just us.

The idea for the show itself was born out of my brother and I getting together once a week over coffee at a local Logan Square coffee shop (there are plenty to choose from).

We would discuss the issues of the day and how we would solve them.

Sometimes we would disagree. That’s what made it good talk.

At that time Lumpen Radio, a non-profit community radio station in Bridgeport, was just a few months old and we fit into a block of non-music talk shows they were putting together. They asked us for a tape and a week later we began in our Friday time slot.

Here we are 22,000 podcast downloads later.

So this week we decided to do it without a guest. Just me asking my brother some questions about 60 years of a political life.

Before that we do our usual chatter over issues of the day like the CPS teacher strike, ranked voting and Tuesday’s blue wave.

The podcast is here.

One thought on “Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. Klonsky on Klonsky.

  1. One of my favorite episodes was when you had the reporter, Curtis Black. He is a pretty aware man when it comes to the City News. If somebody’s corrupt, he is not afraid to point it out………with facts. Bring him back please!

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