China, Trump, imperialism, nationalism and globalism on this week’s Hitting Left.


Long Yongtu, China’s former vice-minister of international trade and the point man in the country’s nine-year negotiations to join the World Trade Organisation in 2001, during an interview at Credit Suisse’s China Investments Conference in Shenzhen on November 7, 2019. Photo: Yujing Liu

An interview with Long Yongtu, China’s former vice-minister of international trade and the point man in the country’s nine-year negotiations to join the World Trade Organization in 2001 was published in the South China Morning Post last week

Long, who turned 76 in March, has retired from active ministerial posts and doesn’t speak for China’s government in matters concerning the domestic affairs of other countries. But the comment from someone considered the elder statesman of China’s trade diplomacy does offer a hint of the thinking in Beijing’s policymaking circle, as officials grapple with how best to handle the bruising trade war between the two largest economies on Earth.
Despite his fickleness, Trump is a transparent and realistic negotiator who is concerned only with material interests such as forcing China to import more American products, on which Beijing is able to compromise, Long said.
Unlike his predecessors, Trump does not pick fights with China on hot-button geopolitical issues such as Taiwan or Hong Kong, where Beijing has little room to manoeuvre, said Long, who now heads the Centre for China and Globalisation, a Beijing-based think tank.
“Trump talks about material interests, not politics,” Long said in an interview with South China Morning Post in Shenzhen. “Such an opponent is the best choice for negotiations.”

Luong’s comments are no compliment of Trump from my point of view. They show Trump to be a man with a world view no more complex than a real estate salesman.

But what are the contending forces in the world today and how should we view them?

On Fridays Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers we will turn our attention to global affairs including issues of globalism and changes that are rocking the world since the end of the Cold War.

Jerry Harris of the Global Studies Association will join us live in studio.

11am. 105.5fm in Chicago. Streaming at and podcast at

4 thoughts on “China, Trump, imperialism, nationalism and globalism on this week’s Hitting Left.

  1. “Bolivia’s coup leaders were trained by the US military’s notorious School of the Americas.”

    I worked in Santa Cruz, Bolivia for two years as an elementary 3-6th grade music teacher and had the full 5-12 grade band program. I worked at the Santa Cruze Cooperative School.

    I still have friends who are living in Bolivia. One of my friends in Florida talked recently with a common friend of ours who lives in La Paz. Morales left the country but it was not on a Mexican plane. He filled the plane with cocaine. Morales hired men from Venezuela and Cuba to come and destroy La Paz. These killers went down the streets killing civilians and throwing explosives into buildings.

    My friend, and her adult son and aging mother, have food for 3-4 days. They kept their lights off in their apartment so that nobody would realize they were home.

    People are terrorized and afraid of what these men hired by Evo are planning to do in the future.

  2. The narrative about the Chinese former government official was interesting but it appeared in a very pale grey font, which made it very hard to read. Would it be possible for future articles to use a darker font? Thank you.

    Judy Graf Chicago, IL

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Republicans are siding with Russia over and against America.

    …if you felt a ripple in the fabric of the spacetime continuum…that was the combined gravitational effect of every previous conservative Republican…spinning furiously in their graves.

    Goldwater?…Buckley?…Reagan?…would cry… treason!

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