Michael Madigan’s “magic lobbying list” and the sexual harassment of Alaina Hampton.

Alaina Hampton on Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers.

As you pay your next ComEd bill think about the latest news from a Tribune investigation of the company and how they hire abusers of women from Speaker Michael Madigan’s “magic lobbying list.”

As a favor to the Speaker.

You can go read the dirty details yourself. I already showered this morning and I don’t want to go do it again.

But in case you forgot the victim in all this she was a woman named Alaina Hampton.

McClain also was deeply involved with Madigan’s political operation, including campaign fundraising for House Democrats ahead of the November 2018 elections. In an email to a group of key fundraisers he called the “The Most Trusted of the Trusted,” McClain referred to the speaker as “Himself.”

Both the fundraising message and the emails regarding Quinn offer rare looks inside Madigan’s political operation and McClain’s power player role in Springfield, respectively.

Kevin Quinn is the brother of Marty Quinn, Madigan’s handpicked alderman from the speaker’s 13th Ward power base. In February 2018, Madigan announced he had kicked Kevin Quinn out of his political organization just as campaign worker Alaina Hampton was about to go public with her sexual harassment claims.

At the time, Hampton shared texts with the Tribune that detailed a relentless series of entreaties from Kevin Quinn to go out with him. She viewed him as her supervisor — a point the Madigan team disputes.

Among the texts included in a Hampton legal filing was one in which Kevin Quinn purportedly informed her he was separated from his wife.

“I think about you all the time,” one text said. Another text stated that he’d seen a picture on Facebook of Hampton in a bikini and said: “You are smoking hot!”

Hampton repeatedly discouraged the overtures, saying she wanted to keep the relationship professional. “I need you to stop,” one text stated. “I’m not interested. I just want to do my work.”

Madigan’s House Democratic operation was rocked for months, as several aides departed amid allegations of sexual harassment and bullying, including longtime chief of staff Tim Mapes.

It was against this backdrop in September 2018 that McClain, the Madigan confidant and ComEd lobbyist-turned-consultant, sent emails to solicit some work for Kevin Quinn, who was fired over sexual harassment allegations.

So the sex abuser Quinn got onto Madigan’s “magic lobbying list” and Hampton got black balled from doing any consulting work for fear of offending the Speaker.

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