Alaina Hampton has no regrets about taking on Madigan. Why don’t Democrats have regrets about supporting him?

Joanna Klonsky, Alaina Hampton, and brother Mike on Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers.

Alaina Hampton is the whistle-blower who busted Kevin Quinn, a top aide to House Speaker and Democratic Party of Illinois chairman  Michael Madigan, for sexual harassment.

In a settlement announced this week, Madigan and his friends must now write a check for $275,000.

We were pleased to have Alaina Hampton on Hitting Left last August along with political strategist Joanna Klonsky.

Alaina Hampton settled her 2018 federal lawsuit for $275,000 with the Democratic Party of Illinois, the Democratic Majority, the 13th Ward Democratic Organization, and Friends of Michael J. Madigan.

Hampton has paid the price of a whistle-blower by being blackballed from political campaigns as a consultant. It is work she is good at and successful at doing before challenging the powerful Speaker.

“The past three years have taken a toll on me, so I am relieved to move forward with my life and put these events behind me,” she told the press.

Who can do anything but wish her well and success?

However we get to keep Michael Madigan who is the Democratic Party’s state chairman and Speaker of the Illinois House.

And Illinois Democrats, even those claiming to be progressives or on the Left, in office and out, will rarely say a word about Madigan’s power and Madigan’s role or his turning a blind eye to sexual harassment.

Here are Kevin Quinn’s text messages to Alaina Hampton.

I keep waiting to hear from the Madigan’s critics on the Left and from progressive members of the General Assembly’s Democratic Caucus.

Because Madigan is a bad man who needs to go.

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