Half of those on food stamps have jobs that pay so little that they qualify for food stamps. 700,000 without jobs face Trump cuts.

Illinois legislature passes $15 an hour minimum wage but not until 2025.

The Trump administration moved Wednesday to throw 700,000 people off of food assistance in the form of SNAP benefits.

It will affect those who have been receiving benefits but who can’t find work.

The new rules will take effect April 1.

Anti-hunger activists have repeatedly emphasized that SNAP is intended to address hunger and not compel people to work.

Many also noted that those affected are the most poor, tend to live in rural areas, often face mental health issues and disabilities.

Black and Hispanic households, women and LGBTQ people would be disproportionately affected by the change.

Most SNAP recipients already have jobs, but the jobs pay so little that they qualify for the benefit because they can’t afford food on what they are paid.

“We’re taking action to reform our SNAP program in order to restore the dignity of work to a sizable segment of our population,” said Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Purdue.

The dignity of work?

Where is the dignity of work when half of those families who receive SNAP benefits already work.

They have at least one person in the family working, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

And when it comes to families on SNAP with kids, a majority — 55 percent — are bringing home wages, according to USDA. The problem is, those wages aren’t enough to actually live on.

Feeding America, a network of U.S. food banks, found that 54 percent of the families who turn to pantries to help put food on the table have at least one member working, and that rate was much higher, 71 percent, for households with kids.

6 thoughts on “Half of those on food stamps have jobs that pay so little that they qualify for food stamps. 700,000 without jobs face Trump cuts.

  1. It is unconscionable that we prioritize foreign military aid over the nutritional requirements of those here at home.

  2. Feeling the dignity of work is difficult on an empty stomach…can’t eat bullshit lies.

    When, I wonder, will the poor class revolt?…knowing no god can stop a hungry man.

  3. I wonder who would steal food to feed their children?

    What could be the fate of any country incapable of feeding it’s population?

    What kind of country allows the most vulnerable among them to live in hunger?

    Breakfast = Life… or… Bombs = Death…choose we must.

  4. tRumps proposed cuts to food stamps will by and large hit the states that voted for him the hardest….Louisana voted overwhelmingly for tRump, as did its southeastern counterparts Mississippi, Alabama, West Virginia, and Georgia. Out of the 10 states with the highest food stamp use by population, seven voted republican in last year’s presidential election. Quoting from…Mother Jones on internet.

  5. The tendency of the hateful to inflict misery upon themselves in order to express their own self-defeating hatred upon “others” is one strange human phenomenon…and quite possibly …our fatal flaw?

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