“I trust you to figure out your own health care,” says Buttigieg. The argument against M4A ignores our reality.

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Mayor Pete: It’s not about trust and it’s not about choice.

Randi Weingarten: Employer-based insurance doesn’t work.

The Democratic Party’s right-wing’s opposition to national healthcare ignores our reality. So does the opposition to M4A coming from union leaders like Randi Weingarten.

Workers who lost their jobs in the last recession also lost their employee-based health insurance.

That wouldn’t happen with national health care.

Older jobless people who were not yet eligible for Medicare were at the mercy of the individual insurance market,.

One of the gains that came out of ACA was coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Prior to ACA pre-existing conditions meant that laid-off workers paid much higher premiums — and higher deductibles — if they could find coverage at all.

The Affordable Care Act in 2010 changed all that.

Yet millions remain uninsured.

This year, 9.4 percent of adults ages 50 to 64 are uninsured.  The numbers would be lower if 14 states had not rejected the law’s Medicaid expansion.

How is this about trust and choice?

For coverage beyond base Medicare, many older people must turn to the private insurance industry for plans like Medicare Advantage.

But reliance on private insurance and the insurance industry means trouble.

A report by federal investigators found a pattern of inappropriate denial of patient claims.

This week, another report released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General said Advantage plans were over billing the program by improperly adding conditions to patient records.

The New York Times:

government report released Thursday found health insurance companies had combed through patient charts to obtain billions of dollars of additional payments from the federal Medicare program.

The report, from the federal inspector general’s office, examined payments billed by insurers for those covered by private Medicare Advantage plans, which are increasingly popular and heavily promoted by the Trump administration. The findings showed that insurers were adding on conditions like diabetes and even cancer, reporting that patients were sicker, to receive higher payments from Medicare.

In spite of what Mayor Pete and the Democratic Party/union establishment say in their opposition to national health care, if you’re talking about trust and choice, the private sector is not where you want to go. 

Trust me.

2 thoughts on ““I trust you to figure out your own health care,” says Buttigieg. The argument against M4A ignores our reality.

  1. I am taking a wild guess that Mayor Pete has never been in a situation where he had to figure out his own health care because it ain’t that easy.

  2. I think that Medicare also offers a common set of rules and expectations in the sense that it is basically the same from Medicare patient to patient on what is allowed and what billing code to use.

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