IEA member’s voluntary PAC money went to pay for Madigan #metoo scandal.

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$57,000 in IPACE dollars went to a fund that Madigan used to pay for Hampton sexual harassment scandal.

In December it was revealed that nearly $900,000 was paid out by the political action committee, Friends of Michael J. Madigan, in the case of Alaina Hampton.

Alaina Hampton has accused Madigan operative Kevin Quinn of sexual harassment. 

Hampton agreed to a $75,000 settlement.

The remaining nearly $900,000 went to lawyers.

Madigan is reported to have spent $600,000 in legal fees defending his political operative in the Hampton case.

Madigan paid out $275,000 in the settlement. But $200,000 of that went to Hampton’s lawyers.

Alaina Hampton said it was never about the money.

But for union members who paid Madigan’s costs, it may be about the money and what it was spent for.

The total bill of over $900,000 came out of Madigan’s political war chest that belongs to The Friends of Michael Madigan.

IPACE is the political political action committee of the Illinois Education Association. Members make voluntary contributions with the belief that their donations go to pro-education political candidates.

But 2019 filings report that over $57,000 went to The Friends of Michael Madigan,  which as I said, was spent by Madigan for his sexual harassment costs.

As an IEA union member for three decades I made regular IPACE contributions through payroll deduction.

IEA endorsements by IEA locals of local and statewide candidates are weighted on the basis of how many members make IPACE contributions and how much is contributed.

As local President, my local could not vote on recommendations unless I personally was an IPACE member and I personally made a required contribution.

I did not do that in order to pay for Michael Madigan’s sexual harassment issues or those of his pals. I know other IEA members who contributed to IPACE had no expectation that this would be how their money was being spent

Other unions including the Illinois Federation of Teachers and the Chicago Teachers Union contributed as well.

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