Las Vegas teachers union, Nevada’s largest, bets on Bernie. A year ago they disaffiliated from the NEA.

2016. NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia manipulated an endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

After the fiasco in 2016 when the national teachers unions manipulated an endorsement of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, a number of big teacher locals are taking matters into their own hands.

The Los Angeles Teachers Union has already endorsed Bernie.

And now the Clark County Education Association has done the same thing.

Clark County is home to Las Vegas, a big union town, and the CCEA is the largest independent teachers union in the nation, after splitting off from the state teachers union and the NEA over disagreements about how their dues were being used.

The CCEA endorsement comes ahead of any action by either the AFT and NEA, neither of which has yet to endorse a presidential candidate.

However, the AFT President Randi Weingarten has made her position clear about Sander’s advocacy of Medicare For All.

She has written and has spoken out frequently in defense of employer-based health insurance, as have other labor union leaders, like the AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumpka.

3 thoughts on “Las Vegas teachers union, Nevada’s largest, bets on Bernie. A year ago they disaffiliated from the NEA.

    How soon we forget! During the 2008 primary Barack Hussein Obama was endorsed by IEA before the NEA’s endorsement. Even though Hillary Clinton was born, raised and educated in Illinios public schools. During the primary the DNC changed the rules to help Obama. Obama received delegates from many states even though Obama was not on the ballot. The fix was in, super delegates were released before the convention. Hence, Obama receives more delegates. Lastly, Hillary Clinton recieved more of the popular primary votes and the DNC, IEA and NEA endorse Obama. So you see the NEA and IEA leadership is out of touch with it’s members. These shenanigans have gone on for many primaries and many members have left the Democrats or they voted without the regard to endorsements. Reminder 70 plus percent of IEA members voted for Trump!!! Walk away people, I did and have no regrets.

    1. Barack Hussein Obama? Where are you going with that? And where is your evidence that 70% of teachers voted for Trump. You made that number up. Or cite your source.

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