Hillary is agnostic about beating Trump?

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Hillary. Loose canon or DNC spokesperson.

It’s easy to dismiss Hillary Clinton’s dis of Bernie Sanders. Her “nobody likes him” remark was laughable on several counts.

By all measures, Bernie is well-liked.

By all measures Hillary is not.

She is so disliked that an Obama put-down during the 2008 primary has become a campaign classic. “You’re likable enough, Hillary.”

But is politics just about who is liked?

Has Hillary gone rogue or is she speaking for the leadership of the Democratic Party?

I scratched my head when Hillary unloaded on Tulsi Gabbard a few months back. Whatever one thinks of Tulsi Gabbard on a range of issues, she and Sanders are solid on the issue of war and peace.

Hillary is a full-frontal hawk, best pals with the regime changers and long-time advocate for war in Iran.

Tulsi was at about 1% in the polls when Hillary went after Gabbard. But Hillary even called Gabbard  a Russian asset.

Gabbard has now filed a defamation suit against Clinton, claiming Clinton felt slighted because Gabbard was one of the first Democrats to publicly endorse Sen. Bernie Sanders for president in 2016 over her, “becoming the most prominent politician to do so at the time.”

So, there is a pattern here.

There are some, and I am one of them, that think there are those in the leadership of the Democratic Party and in the DNC that are more concerned with the progressives and Sanders than they are with Donald Trump. But would their hatred of Bernie, The Squad and other genuine progressives mean a second term for Trump?

It’s not really about who is likable.

The other morning I was in a discussion about what the DNC and centrist Democrats would do if Bernie gets the nomination.

I said that I doubted that even the most conservative Democrats would want to be responsible for re-electing Trump.

Hillary makes me think I was wrong.

In the interview she wouldn’t even commit to voting for Sanders if he gets the nomination. The DNC and the rest of the Democratic leadership should be compelled to reject and denounce Hillary’s alleged agnosticism about beating Trump.

I’m for beating Trump.

What are they for?

Update: It appears the push back is working.


8 thoughts on “Hillary is agnostic about beating Trump?

  1. If the DNC had any kahunas they would would have sternly admonished Clinton and Brazile back when they tried to put Bernie at a disadvantage when they rigged the debate questions on the last Presidential go around. Instead, all was quickly blown over, and Hillary ended up being the Golden Child of the DNC. Brazile is now a Sunday morning political expert along with Chris Christie and Rahm Emmanuel. And Hillary is trying to figure a way that she can elbow her way into becoming President again. Hillary is not good for the DNC.

  2. As Hillary speaks about nobody-likes-him-Sanders, I have become curious to see a poll of Democratic superdelegates – you know, the people who actually decide who “we the people” will get to vote for in the actual election.
    I mean, what could go wrong in the election with that?

  3. Hillary is is the definition of an entitled elitist. No one has taken her “out”” – 44 gave her the highest appointed job in the land. Hillary’s priority is Hillary. -She need to go far away

  4. True colors show through her phony manufactured smile and approximated laughter…Oligarchs come in many forms…to hammer the final nails into the coffin of Democracy…in unison?

    Who represents Corporate interests first and best?…reveals the truth.

    Who represents all of The People’s interests first and best?…is easy to feel…for those who can still feel hopeful?

  5. We hung Saddam Hussein by the neck until dead for betraying his Country and his people.

    Donald Trump said he could shoot someone/anyone on a city street…and no one would care.

    The statements above have no relation to one another.

  6. Trump has proved anyone can be President…the Presidential bar is now set at the lowest possible level…@shamefully low.

    I demand our representatives in government act with Constitutional pride.

    Remove this criminal impostor from our office…and let America convalesce.

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