The Trib’s John Kass is running out of candidates for States Attorney.

The Trib’s John Kass. Photo: Fred Klonsky

Poor John Kass, the columnist for the Chicago Trib.

Kass has always fancied himself the cynic and working class voice at the Trib – a modern version of Mike Royko.

He’s not very good at it.

His hatred for the progressive Cook County States Attorney Kim Foxx is so deep that he first bought into the Bill Conway candidacy hook line and sinker.

I guess he was unaware that Conway, the billionaire son of the billionaire founder of The Carlyle Group, doesn’t exactly fit into the working class scenario.

In a January 9th column Kass wrote, “Now Conway, a former prosecutor and U.S. naval intelligence officer is lining her up next to Burke. In interviews and at a news conference on ethics he’s scheduled for Thursday, Conway is all about pinning Burke to Foxx for all the voters to see.”

But clearly someone gave Kass a call today and filled him in on Conway’s rap sheet.

Challenger Conway keeps spending his father’s millions on snazzy campaign ads and savvy political/media strategists. He’s already been given $5 million, and there are millions more if he needs it, from dad, who founded the Carlyle Group, the giant multinational investment firm.

The Carlyle Group gave millions to Republican insider and lobbyist Big Bob Kjellander (pronounced $hellander), along the way winning teacher pension fund deals and feeding top Republicans of the bipartisan Illinois Combine.

But the feds began peeling back the onion, eventually revealing a pay-for-play scheme involving Republican boss Big Bill Cellini, who was sentenced to federal prison, and Tony Rezko, the convicted former fundraiser for imprisoned Gov. Rod Blagojevich and real estate fairy for former President Barack Obama.


So now Kass has turned to the next candidate running against Foxx, Donna More.

Only More has done this before and came in third against former SA Anita Alvarez and the winner, Kim Fox.

Kass has run out of candidates.


U.S. Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia on Saturday was among a group of Chicago Democrats who backed Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s reelection bid, according to her campaign.

In addition to Garcia, Foxx picked up the endorsements Saturday from state Sen. Celina Villanueva, state Reps. Delia Ramirez and Edgar Gonzalez, Cook County Commissioner Alma Anaya and Chicago Alds. Michael Rodriguez and Daniel LaSpata, a Foxx news release said.

“The rest of the country is looking at Cook County for leadership on true criminal justice reform and that’s because of the hard work of State’s Attorney Kim Foxx,” Garcia said in the release. “When others thought justice reform and community safety couldn’t happen, she proved them wrong reducing crime while implementing bold reform. We need her in office to finish the innovative work she’s only just started.”

2 thoughts on “The Trib’s John Kass is running out of candidates for States Attorney.

  1. Sometimes…late at night…Kass is awakened by the troubling recognition that were he ever able to write like Mike Royko…it would have showed…long ago.

  2. Kass working on a barbecue sauce recipe…or…adding enemies to his list?

    We all knew Mike Royko… John Kass is no Mike Royko…for sure.

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