Amazon needs a tax break like I need a hole in my head.


Es felt mir vi a lokh in kop is the tiny bit of Yiddish I can still recall my Mom using around the house.

She said it when she heard about some stupid stuff she would have to endure. Or when my brother and I were misbehaving.

I need this like I need a hole in the head.

It came to me yesterday as I read that Chicago Alderman Anthony Beale wanted a property tax break for Amazon to build a distribution center in Pullman on the far south side.

The Amazon location would hire 100 workers at what will be city’s minimum wage of $15 an hour.

No union, of course.

God knows Pullman needs jobs. But does the world’s riches company need a tax break to build a distribution center and then pay rock-bottom wages?

Chicago Federation of Labor president Bob Reiter doesn’t think so.

The CFL issued the following statement on the proposal.

“Today, more than a century later, a company with an ultra-wealthy chief executive and a long track record of anti-union, anti-worker behavior is rumored to be planning a massive facility in the heart of Pullman – and to be asking for a tax break from Chicago’s working families to build it,” Reiter was quoted as saying.

“The Chicago Federation of Labor calls on Amazon to build union, operate union, and participate in a robust community engagement process around any proposed facility. The CFL also opposes any effort to hand out tax breaks to anti-union companies, especially ones that rake in more than $11 billion in profit without paying any federal income tax.”

Bob Reiter will be our guest on Hitting Left on Friday, February 7th, live at 11am on

He will be joined by Greg Pratt of the Tribune Guild.

12 thoughts on “Amazon needs a tax break like I need a hole in my head.

  1. MY Dad used to say in Berliner: Es fehlt mir wie ein loch im Kopf. Rough translation, “like this is all I needed.” ________________________________

  2. Do some people have a hole in their heart…?…Will more money or fame ever fill that hole?…Can more money ever substitute for loving acceptance?…What,in God’s name, after accumulating billions of dollars…is still missing in their lives?…I often wonder.

    Why can’t enough be enough?… is a question they should ask the mirror?

    There exists a clinical term for when enough is never enough…it’s called Addiction…and it’s a family disease.

  3. Speaking of family dysfunction…Is Trump “standing in” for an abusive Father figure…supported by those who have suffered abuse?

    Trump is a punishing figure…who operates from threats of retaliation and violence.

    Don’t need to be a head doc for this one?

  4. So POTUS is counting on you to vote for him in November out of gratitude for solving the Middle East Problem. Will you be there for him?

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Fred, please keep your “whole” head (as written in post title). We need it!
    That having been said, yes, my folks, o.b.m. & grandparents, o.b.m., used to say that all the time, as well. Wish I’d learned Yiddish–so many appropriate words for these inane (or insane) times!

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