Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers with Mario Smith and Diane Ravitch.


We don’t usually do two broadcasts and podcasts in one week.

But Diane Ravitch was in town and we wanted her to be on our show. Her schedule was tight. So it had to be Thursday.

The great host of Lumpen Radio’s News from the Service Entrance Mario Smith normally does his show on Thursday afternoon. He offered up an hour of his show for Diane.

That’s how Lumpen Radio rolls.

Our conversation with Diane covered a lot of territory in one short hour.

She talked about her conversion from George H.W. Bush’s Department of Education and conservative historian to one of the nation’s most widely known and respected critics of the corporate education agenda and standardized testing.

She calls those behind the corporate education agenda The Disrupters.

Her latest book is Slaying Goliath. The Passionate Resistance to Save America’s Public Schools.

Diane took no middle ground when our conversation got to online charter schools.

She thinks they all should be closed.

This topic had local meaning since the CPS board voted to do exactly that when they acted to shut down Chicago Virtual Charter.

The Chicago Teachers Union criticized the CPS board for closing it.

Chicago Virtual had the “lowest [School Quality Rating Policy] score of any charter high school,” according to the district.

The Chicago Teachers Union criticized the recommendations.

“The proposed closure of Chicago Virtual and Frazier Preparatory Academy charter schools is an admission of failure by the district, and a continued attack on the lives of the city’s black and brown children,” the union said in a statement.

”Our students need fully resourced and staffed schools that provide stability and are great places to work and learn. Closing a school is yet another blow for the children living in these low-income neighborhoods.”

Speaking of the CTU, Diane reminded my brother that he arranged her first meeting with retired CTU President Karen Lewis.

“The mother of the Resistance,” Diane called her.

The podcast is here.

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