The virus and workers’ lives be damned. The business of America is business.



Lloyd Blankfein is the CEO of Goldman Sachs.

As one of the world’s richest capitalists he is frightened by the current pandemic.

He’s not frightened because of the possibility that millions of people will die. He is frightened that without workers back on the job, money will be lost.

His money and the money of the .01%.

Donald Trump echoed Blankfein yesterday when he said that the stay-at-home directive of the CDC is a cure worse than the disease.

The president is questioning whether stay-at-home orders have gone too far. But relaxing them could significantly increase the death toll from the coronavirus, health officials warn.

Including health experts like Anthony Fauci, who was not at his usual spot during Monday’s press briefing on the COVID19 virus.

Without government support for the millions of workers who have lost earnings over the past week, the pressure to return to work will be great even at great personal risk.

Trump is looking to lift the stay-at-home order as soon as ten days from now.

Make no mistake. It is a potential death order for millions.

18 thoughts on “The virus and workers’ lives be damned. The business of America is business.

  1. HOW THE SOCIAL DISTANCING STRATEGY COULD PLAY OUT — Whether or not the president relaxes guidelines next week, experts laid out four possible scenarios for the United States — none of them pleasant.

    — Scenario 1: Social distancing is extended, perhaps after a shock of deaths forces Trump to reassess. New York City is already emerging as ground zero for a major outbreak, and multiple epidemiologists and scientists are warning that the graphic scenes that played out in Wuhan and Italy could be reprised within the week in hard-hit NYC hospitals.

    — Scenario 2: The president relaxes national social distancing, but it’s preserved in some local areas by government officials or local leaders’ voluntary actions. That would help slow the spread of the virus, but not fully contain it in the United States. Local officials, who continue to announce their own aggressive measures, also could face their own difficult decisions over economy-harming shutdowns.

    — Scenario 3: The president relaxes social distancing, but a series of catastrophes prompt the U.S. to eventually reinstate it. The virus is not under control, and a surge of cases and deaths is probable.

    — Scenario 4: The president relaxes social distancing, and coronavirus case and death rates skyrocket. This nihilistic view is also the widely held expectation among health experts.

  2. The governors of the states will at least try to overrule him. He wants to be wartime president. But he is losing the war!

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  3. Mark Glennon has been having a hyperventilating pouty that reminds you oh Hiltler’s meltdown in the The Fall.

    He’s been whipping up a Two Minutes Hate against teachers who are “not working’ yet are getting paid during this crisisi.

  4. I hope Trump inhales as a collective cough envelopes D.C.
    I simply cannot understand why 37% of Americans give him a good job approval rating. It is beyond me to understand this level of denial.

    1. Ken, I read that Trump’s approval rating has GONE UP to 50%…because of the good job he has been doing on coronavirus pandemic. THAT I don’t understand. Fox and his worthless ego ‘press conferences’ are doing their jobs to make him look ‘presidential’. Trump knows more than medical experts since he had an uncle that went to MIT. PLUS, he has a ‘wonderful gut’ that makes incredibly great decisions.
      His gut is big but ‘wonderful’ is stretching the truth a huge amount.

  5. I don’t think Trump gets to veto the governors. I also can’t imagine Andrew Cuomo folding because of Trump. As much as I don’t like much of what Cuomo’s done, he appears to be an adult who’s not insane.

  6. I haven’t read what is in the coronavirus aid bill, but I DO like this good news. OMG. Imagine Trump having to sign something from which he and his greedy kids won’t profit. [Will he sign this?] Several Trump properties have closed. Boo-hoo and crocodile tears.
    Trump and His Kids Won’t Get a Dime of Coronavirus Aid From Stimulus Bill, Says Report
    Jamie Ross
    Published Mar. 25, 2020 6:45AM ET

    All companies controlled by President Donald Trump or his kids are banned from receiving any loans or investments from the $2 trillion stimulus plan agreed to by White House and Senate leaders early Wednesday. Bloomberg News reported the deal specifically states that businesses owned by the president, heads of Cabinet-level agencies, and members of Congress are excluded from receiving aid. That reportedly extends to firms controlled by their children, spouses, or in-laws—so the Trump Organization, which is now run by Trump’s kids and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, won’t receive a dime. Several Trump leisure properties have either shut their doors or seen demand for their services all but disappear as the coronavirus pandemic spreads around the world.
    Read it at Bloomberg News

  7. Do the followers of Donald Trump have much in common with the followers of Jim

    At some point,Trump will be recognized as a failed narcissistic who mesmerized (some) ignorant prejudiced people…what, then, will be the reaction of his most ardent supporters…I often wonder.

    The words most difficult for humans to pronounce are… in order of importance…”I was wrong”.

    It’s that easy…and that hard.

    No one has to drink the kool-aid.

    1. Elderly people are disposable if they want to be patriotic and die so that the economy will once again boom….so says some Republicans. Respect for life isn’t on their plate. How disgusting a comment.

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