Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. The pressing public safety issue and moral demand of freeing the incarcerated.

My brother and I have joined the millions of people who, in the face of the need to STAY HOME, have turned to Zoom and other platforms to carry on our work.

One of which is getting together and sharing with folks our views on education, politics and social justice.

We have been doing it for three years.

We have posted half of this week’s broadcast – Lumpen Radio 105.5fm and streaming at lumpenradio.com at 11am every Friday – on Youtube.

If this works, we will continue to post all or part of our podcast on Youtube.

Amanda Klonsky, a prison reform activist and advocate (my niece and Mike’s daughter) joins us.

As you can tell by the video, she is a passionate yet fact-based advocate for the incarcerated who now face health issues and death from COVID19 at a much greater degree than those on the outside.

Amanda reminds us again that many of those in jail are not guilty of anything other than the crime of not having enough money to post cash bond.

There are many fault lines that have been exposed by the virus.

The situation in our prisons and jails is one.

We don’t have much time to address them without this becoming even more tragic a situation than it already is.


One thought on “Hitting Left with the Klonsky Brothers. The pressing public safety issue and moral demand of freeing the incarcerated.

  1. FYI: “Public Zoom hangouts have become a popular way to spend time for isolated remote workers, who are joining calls with names such as “WFH Happy Hour” to spend time in the company of others.

    But the default settings of the service are configured in the expectation of trust between participants, meaning trolls can wreak havoc. Some zoombombers have used the screensharing feature to broadcast pornography and violent imagery. Others have revelled in the opportunity for exhibitionism, while security experts have said the file transfer feature that is switched on by default could be used to spread malware.”


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