Chicago seems to be keeping its distance.


We needed some time out of the house.

Ulysses needed some me time. I think he’s been weirded out being with us so much.

Anne had baked some coconut macaroons. She bagged some up and we decided to just take a drive.

We would sustain the self-isolation but get out in the world.

We dropped some of the bags of macaroons off for family, ringing the door bell and running away like teenage pranksters.

Then sending a text like the savvy modern couple we are.

We drove through a cold and windy Humboldt Park. We stopped for a moment and spotted some solo joggers, a few couples walking dogs and a few singles just out for a walk.

Then we just drove heading for the Loop and the lake front.

“It’s gray,” Anne said.

“A gray day,” I repeated.

Here is an observation I take away from our Sunday journey.

Chicagoans are staying home.

Those that have one.

I did see a soccer game going on in a local park. That seemed like a bad idea.

I saw one group of about five people crossing Milwaukee and Fullerton.  Did they live together and were out for a walk? Were they those young people I keep hearing about who are suffering from the delusion that they are immune?

I don’t know.

I saw lots of couples together. I saw people walking their dogs.

It’s hard to show a picture or a video of people who aren’t there. The ones who are following the directive to stay home.

I took one and I’m posting it here.

As a teacher I never thought scolding works that well.

Although I have scolded plenty.

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