The rent is due.


Being in our seventies has its advantages and disadvantages.

We are categorized as a high risk group for the COVID19 virus. So, that’s a bad thing.

Most of our retirement savings, although we’re lucky to have some (most working Americans don’t) is in investments. So, that’s not great right now.

So far, we are healthy. That’s good.

My pension and Anne’s Social Security will show up in our bank account. That’s a plus.

And the plus and minus list goes on.

Our mortgage is paid and so there are no payments or rent to pay tomorrow.

Good for us. For millions of others? Not so much.

For many, tomorrow is the first of the month and the rent is due.

It will be the first time since thousands of workers in Chicago and millions around the country have been laid off.

Around the country there are calls for a moratorium on rents.

There are calls for rent strikes.

There are calls for a freeze on mortgage payment for small landlords.

The order to stay home only makes sense for those that have a home to stay in.

Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot has placed a moratorium on court proceedings for evictions.

That is great.

But, what happens when the moratorium is lifted? And what about those who have mortgages and utility payments to make.

For years we have been calling for affordable housing and rent control.

The virus crisis has made the fault lines more visible.

And urgent.

The governor and the legislature must act.













5 thoughts on “The rent is due.

  1. This is the perfect time to begin issuing the People’s dividend…our share is a fair share…for every one.

  2. They receive yearly dividends…free food…citizens are paid when they marry…citizens are paid when they bear children…their kids are payed to attend school…in Kuwait.

  3. When the final dust settles, this current and latest corporate bailout will actually amount to more than ten trillion dollars ..break off a big chunk for us 99%ers…bigger….keep coming!

    You can’t fool all of the people all of the time…but,apparently,you can rob them…cyclically and systematically….how many times before we awaken?…I often wonder

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