Bernie out. Biden remains.


The world has turned upside down and who can predict November.

A few moments ago Bernie announced he was “suspending” his campaign.

I was suspended from school a few times but I was allowed back. Not this time for Bernie.

It appears we will have Biden to go with against the amoral leader of the free world. It’s not the ammunition I would have wished for.

Bernie had plenty going against him from the start. The Democratic Establishment, Tom Perez and the DNC might be screwed up, but they are a powerful and entrenched operation that should never have been underestimated, even after the early primary wins by Bernie.

I believe the Democratic Establishment would have preferred Trump to having Bernie head the ticket.

There is no question in my mind that Bernie, along with those like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, have shifted the conversation and have successfully pushed forward a Left agenda that has a large, growing and enthusiastic base.

But we are still playing defense.

And the Bernie campaign had weaknesses of its own. Some were perhaps unavoidable. Some I think were of the campaign’s own making.

I was frustrated by Bernie’s inability to fully shake his interpretation of a class analysis that many Black and white voters like me saw as a misunderstanding of the centrality of racism in America.

So, now we have Biden. He is a problem for us and for the Democratic Establishment as well.

He may not be the candidate we wanted. But he also may not be the candidate they need to beat Trump.

And there is no question that Trump has to be defeated in November.

They now have to be made to show up.

These last few weeks are evidence enough that too many lives hang in the balance.




22 thoughts on “Bernie out. Biden remains.

  1. Biden has one awesome quality, Fred. He is not Donald Trump. Biden is our guy. Vote for Biden as often as you can!

  2. Face it Fred. The whole thing is fake . Bernie was bought and paid for in 2016, and that was why he stood aside for Hillary. He was a phony candidate this time, too. Biden is not electable. Trump will win in November.

  3. Fred, I wrote to Bernie saying that the coronavirus’ effect on the populace demonstrated the necessity of Medicare for All partly because the link of work, employment to jobs is broken when so many lose their jobs and with the loss also lose their health insurance. Events demonstrate the need for Medicare for All. I asked him to hang in there and wait.

    I also asked him to be a hero and publicly call for a postponement of primary elections in IL. It was too late to early vote and ask for a mail-in ballot and the pandemic made in-person voting risky for election judges and voters. I know I didn’t vote as it was too risky. The number who voted in IL’s primary was notably less but naturally people only paid attention to the winner Biden. Because the press is owned by Wall Streeters who support Biden.

    I am depressed because I thought Bernie was our best hope and the pandemic supported him.

    Best, Pat Herrmann

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  4. Saw this on a post and was reminded that it is not just Trump himself, but a myriad of issues that will probably be better served by voting for Biden, though I will have to hold my nose tightly: “You’re voting for who replaces RBG. You’re voting for the next Secretary of Education. You’re voting for federal judges. You’re voting for the rule of law. You’re voting for saving national parks. You’re voting for letting kids out of cages. You’re voting for clean air and clean water. You’re voting for scientists to be allowed to speak about climate change. You’re voting for what the President says on Twitter. You’re voting for housing rights. You’re voting for LGBTQ people to be treated with dignity. You’re voting for non-Christians to be able to adopt and to feel like full citizens. You’re voting for Dreamers. You’re voting so that there will be Social Security and Medicare when you retire. You’re voting for veterans to get the care they deserve. You’re voting for rural hospitals. You’re voting so that someone else can have health insurance. You’re voting for PBS. You’re voting to have a President who doesn’t embarrass this country every time she or he attends an international meeting. And you’re voting against allowing the USA to become yet another authoritarian regime.”

    1. Really persuasive list of reasons to vote Dem. Could you please post this on your own page or send to me by messenger so that I can share it? I tried to copy, but couldn’t in this forum.

  5. The so-called Democratic “establishment” we’re a majority of South Carolinians who wanted to rid the nation of Trump, plain and simple.

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    1. By putting quotations marks around Democratic Establishment, you are saying you don’t think that exists? And you think only those who voted for Biden want to get rid of Trump? That’s absurd.

  6. Sanders at his age with a recent heart attack did well to move the party as he did. He is not the fighter as his people wanted – ask Hillary. He spent $160 million of other peoples money but he has delegates for the convention. Not impressed with how he handled this –

  7. Dearest Fred…For me, Trump is mere an overt, crass, crude version of what we have in the neoliberal world of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. I would not vote for any of them. I knew this is 2007, but fear, democratic party loyalty, and lesser than…I gave in.

    As a third generation Pacifist, knowing that in 2002 Senator Obama gave a speech that the media called a “peace” speech, in which Obama never once uttered the word “peace,” but instead said, “I am not opposed to all wars”…and that for him we needed to finish the war in Afghanistan…

    Knowing Obama was already by then, an education privatizer…

    As for Joe Biden, oh my gosh…As far back as 1988 it was clear to me he was a capitalist hawk, not only in favor of every racist policy, but wrote many of our most pernicious racist laws…and like Trump, actually even the other establishment Democrats already mentioned..a pathological liar.

    For me, Trump is a person, more overt, more raw, more crass in his racist, war monger, corporatist policies,… While Biden, Obama, Clinton and Warren may be more polished, more professional, educated, elegant as well as eloquent…For me, their neoliberalism, corporate casino capitalism, their fracking, free trade, and still racist policies [often presented as racially neutral] are equally dangerous. Indeed, that these establishment Democrats pretend to be our friends, i think dangerously numbing.

    Thankfully, after decades of feeling guilty for being an apologist, I write in. I remain a registered Democrat because I do not wished to be denied my primary election vote. But blame me if you choose, I wrote in Bernie Sanders in 2016 and unless I and others are able to ensure that he is the nominee in 2020, I will write Senator Bernard Sanders for President of the United States of America in again for 2020.

    I share one more thought in this comment…No, it is not just Trump and the Republicans who are heartless and engage in what we would think of as criminal behavior.

    Here is Joe Biden endorsing in-person voting in the April 7, 2020 Wisconsin primary amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    May life bring you peace, prosperity and pleasant dreams being the best and your reality…

    1. You called me nuts, Fred, but this guy says more or less the same thing as I did. Do you think he is nuts, too?

      1. Writing in Bernie is a pointless gesture. Nobody will know unless you tell them. It isn’t counted or reported. I can’t speak for others, but I’m too old for pointless gestures. On the other hand, when I wake up after election day and Trump will no longer be President, it will be a good day.

  8. Has Donald Trump been good for America?…should resolve any question regarding opposition.

    When the ship is nearly run aground…the difference lies with the Captain at the helm.

    Whether it’s Captain Queeg or Captain America makes all the difference.

    Is Joe Biden or any other Democrat actually Captain America?…when compared to Captain Trump, the answer is…You bet your ass…because that’s what’s on the line!

  9. The Donald Trump Regime does not care about the most pressing issue Earthlings currently face… climate change!… and a (growing) host of lesser but still vitally important issues too voluminous to list…I wonder if that will make any difference…in the minds and hearts of his continuing supporters?

    As for his continuing supporters,I have ,presently,nothing more to say.

  10. “I wonder if that will make any difference…in the minds and hearts of continuing supporters? The short answer is ….NO. I have so called friends that are so entrenched with his dogma. They will drink the koolaid no matter what.

  11. “Total Authority”…means Trump will count the votes…doesn’t matter if they’re cast in person…or mailed…or flown in by kite.

    “I alone” – Donald Trump

    This can’t happen in America…I swear on my life.

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