JB should expand voting access with ballots mailed to all eligible voters.

At-risk voting.

Many of us are concerned about the impact of COVID19 on the November election.

There is plenty to be worried about. Polls show the election is way too close and the Democrats have chosen a weak candidate.

A key to Republicans winning the White House and controlling the Senate and many state legislatures has been their efforts at voter suppression.

We need to be all about voter expansion.

Who knows what the virus will look like in November? Already primary elections have been delayed or cancelled.

Those images of voters standing in line to vote during the pandemic are worrisome, especially to high-risk older voters like me who also happen to be a normally high turnout demographic.

In California Governor Newsom has signed an executive order to have ballots mailed to every registered voter in addition to physical voting locations.

JB Pritzker should do the same.

Illinois already has early voting, same day registration and mail-in voting.

Currently mail-in ballots must be requested.

When I contacted my state representative Will Guzzardi about this he told me that legislators were working on several ideas but that it is unclear when or if the General Assembly will return to session this year.

But the Governor can act on it by executive order.

He should.



2 thoughts on “JB should expand voting access with ballots mailed to all eligible voters.

  1. Yes. He should also move to make it possible for Illinois to allow deficit spending and create a state healthcare law at least as good as the one in Mass.

  2. Thought you’d be interested in hearing what one Indiana legislative member feels about Pelosi’s latest proposed round of stimulus payments:

    Banks rejects plan for state ‘bailouts’

    Rep. Jim Banks, R-3rd, said Tuesday he opposes additional federal coronavirus relief for state and local governments for any purpose unrelated to the pandemic.

    “Hoosier taxpayers should never be on the hook to bail out many years of mismanagement and poor leadership in states like Illinois,” Banks said in a statement. “They’ve made promises to workers with pensions and other benefits that they can’t keep. States like Indiana that are fiscally responsible shouldn’t be punished.”

    As chairman of the Republican Study Committee’s budget task force, Banks led a letter to congressional leaders and the White House objecting to state “bailouts” proposed by the Democratic majority in the House.

    “Many of the states calling for such a bailout have some of the highest tax rates and most underfunded pension and rainy day funds,” the letter stated. It named New York, Illinois and New Jersey – states with Democratic governors and legislative majorities as well as the highest numbers of coronavirus cases in the nation.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., told CNN on Tuesday that a proposal to send $900 billion more to state and local governments aims to “defray the cost of the outlays they’ve made for coronavirus and the revenue loss because of the coronavirus.”

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