The voluntary quit.


This is Trump and Mitch McConnell’s new normal.

They want the states to reopen business before the numbers demonstrate it can be done safely. They want congressional action to protect corporations from liability when they open too soon and workers get sick or die.

If a worker refuses to go back to an unsafe job, it will be considered a “voluntary quit” making them ineligible for unemployment compensation.

Mitch McConnell will not pass any more Congressional aid for Americans losing income, or aid to states, without a waiver for employer liability if you come back to work and get infection from COVID-19.

The House Bill with aid to states that was just passed?

Forget about it.

The Hill.:

McConnell has called expanded liability protections the “red line” for Republicans on the next round of coronavirus relief legislation. The business community is pushing Congress to pass new legal protections amid concerns that they could face a myriad of lawsuits as they begin to reopen.

This isn’t about protecting businesses who open too soon.

It is about encouraging them to open too soon.

Businesses want to open. But without a vaccine there will be future outbreaks, Business want to do it at no risk.

All the risk will fall on the employees.

Or do a voluntary quit.

4 thoughts on “The voluntary quit.

  1. Naive for anyone to think that the Republican party is anything but the party of the wealthy…how some of the MEGA idiots fall for their lies is truly the question that will keep social scientists busy for years after this political cancer has passed.

  2. Hey Fred the sun times in an a
    Story on Friday says they want ur 3% cola as everything should be on the table to help with the states financial shortfall

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