9 thoughts on “All the news that’s fit to print.

  1. Covid 19 is just a Democratic hoax and those 15 cases will soon be down to “Zero”. In the meantime drinking or injecting disinfectant with exposure to focused UV light could help. If not, do what I do, don’t wear a mask, take a daily dose of Hydroxychloroquine and go out into the open economy!

    1. I just read that Trumpy hasn’t been golfing for THREE MONTHS. The poor man. /s

      It’s just fine to have people die due to his ignorance. All that matters is for the economy to blossom so that he can get re-elected. I DO HOPE THAT NEVER HAPPENS. I want to see him in prison.
      “Then, on both Saturday and Sunday, Trump went golfing. It was, he noted on Twitter, his first golf outing in nearly three months.”

  2. The incompetent actions and inactions of Trump are mostly responsible for the high numbers of Covid-19 deaths. It has now killed more Americans then Vietnam and Korea combined.
    The African-American and Native Tribal communities have been especially hard hit.

  3. Donald Trump is a terrific failure…who will charge anyone else for his terrible mistakes.

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