The script.

On May 25th George Floyd was held to the ground by Minnesota cops, while officer Derek Chauvin placed his left knee between his head and put his full body weight on George Floyd’s neck.

“I can’t breathe,” Mr Floyd said repeatedly, pleading for his mother and begging “please, please, please”.

For eight minutes and 46 seconds, Mr Chauvin kept his knee and full body weight on Mr Floyd’s neck.

About six minutes into that period, Mr Floyd became non-responsive. In videos of the incident, this was when Mr Floyd fell silent, as bystanders urged the officers to check his pulse.

One of the other officers did just that, checking Mr Floyd’s right wrist, but “couldn’t find one”.

Yet, the officers did nothing to help Floyd.

At 20:27, Chauvin removed his knee from Mr. Floyd’s neck.

George Floyd was motionless.

Floyd was rolled on to a gurney and taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center in an ambulance.

George Floyd was pronounced dead around an hour later.

National protests followed. Yes, and looting.

Some suspect that some of the street violence, aside from that coming from the police, may have been organized by white supremacist Trump-inspired militia members hoping to inspire race war.

Time will tell.

Meanwhile the President of the United States is hiding in a bunker.

George Floyd’s death was no outlier. Racist police violence is not new to Minneapolis or to the rest of the country.

But there is a script to how this goes.

Another racist cop killing. Then protest. Then an attempt to change the conversation to the nature of the protests.

In all the talk about looting I was struck by a report in the Chicago Tribune.

“Crowds of people also streamed into a nearby Family Dollar with one man emerging with laundry detergent, soda and toilet paper…”

Laundry detergent and toilet paper.

Of course, there was other looting as well. But, what does stealing laundry detergent and toilet paper tell us?

We need to be laser focused on the killing of George Floyd and the systematic murders by police of Black people across the country and the broader conditions and policies that allow and promote it.

Because that’s what matters.

Change the script.

15 thoughts on “The script.

  1. My hunch is the violence is necessary or attention won’t be paid. A few buildings need to go up in flames or corporations won’t be threatened.

    And nothing will be done. Qualified immunity actually means the police get to do whatever they want, and no one is held to account.

    Isn’t “take a knee” peaceful and respectful. Buildings weren’t burned or looted. Kaepernick was finally ignored. They tried starvation because no one would hire him.

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  2. “Equipping officers in a manner more appropriate for a battlefield may put them in the mindset that confrontation and conflict are inevitable.”
    — Amnesty International statement – 6/1/2020

  3. No God can stop a hungry man…or anyone else who is denied equal access to toilet paper…and food…and universal healthcare…and a living wage…and the freedom to live without fearing the knee on their neck.

    Not Gods and not Governments…either.

  4. George Floyd’s family says- “ Get out and VOTE!!! The House of Representatives, Senate and the Presidency. ( and your local reps). Black Lives Matter and so does Black Votes

  5. In my head… I hear Shirley Caesar singing,” Satan We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down”…over and over…and I smile!

  6. Most of the World opposes our oppositional President…did he ever want to achieve anything more?

    Narcissism is a predictable disorder…narcissists best operate from a position of opposition and disorder.

    It’s Donny against the World…if he can’t rule it…he will seek it’s destruction…quite predictably.


  7. Trump has to bust a move or resign…I have long predicted Trump will resign at the moment of Truth…like the coward he appears to be.

  8. I can’t hardly wait to write, “President Anybody other than Trump”.

    I’m going to use my precious vote…like a toilet scrub brush and bleach.

    Yeah…like that.

  9. Persons affected by synesthesia experience a mixture of physical reactions from their five senses…for instance,they might read the word “flower” and perceive an accompanying fragrance

    What odor might they get a whiff of when they read “President Trump”…?

    If you’ve ever been near a cattle pasture on a hot Summer day…you’ve smelled it…too.

  10. This is The Big Wiseup…The People have largely awakened and are not gonna take it…any…more.

  11. It’s not a riot…it’s not a rebellion…it’s not an uprising…it’s Revolution.

  12. Let’s have a collective barbecue out on our streets …and invite every American.

    Who wants dessert?…Everyone.

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