Chicago cop “union” agreement shows the need for legislative intervention on reform.



I wrote about it Friday.

The arbitrator decided in favor of the city on some contract language in their negotiations with sergeants, lieutenants and captains. It was a partial win.

Since then I have had time to read  the arbitrator’s decision.

Union negotiator’s habits of reading the fine print die hard.

They support what I thought. The decision removed certain due process protections that shield  cops covered by their CBA’s.

Big problems remain.

One is that most Chicago cops are not in the bargaining units covered by this decision.

Most are in the sad excuse for a union, Fraternal Order of Police where arbitration is still pending.

The City is hoping that the gains made in the agreement with the Policemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association would serve as a model for the FOP contract.

But even that would only get us a partial win, like that those making complaints against cop brutality and misconduct can now remain anonymous.

But the agreement would still give cops 24 hours to make disciplinary statements after shooting people. That language allows the cops enough time to line up their stories.

The contract language will continue to prevent the city from rewarding cops who are whistle blowers of misconduct.

What needs to be done here is what I have been saying. The state legislature must intervene and take action to remove from subjects of bargaining all the due process language that shields the misconduct of cops. They need to remove it by law. No bargaining this stuff.

As the results of arbitration with the PBPA demonstrates, bargaining will always have limited results in reforming systematic bad behavior, brutality and misconduct. Normal bargaining between labor and management always is the result of compromise. Give and take. Some gains and some losses.

There can be no compromise on the issue of cop misconduct. Lives are at stake.

To force the Mayor to negotiate reform with the targets of reform makes no sense.

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