Kim Foxx wants pols to swear off FOP money.

Oak Park Senate President Don Harmon took campaign cash from the FOP and then got religion and gave it away.

I pissed off Chris Southwood.

Southwood is President of the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police.

We had this exchange on my blog:

That isn’t what the ILFOP said in its letter. I’ve heard of putting a spin on things… but your spin is so far fetched it gives fake news a good name. Sad that people have to read such untruthful garbage. -Chris Southwood

Chris, man. I posted the letter. Are you saying that the letter is fake?

Our letter speaks for itself. We don’t need you to say something it doesn’t. Read it again and tell me how you can come to the conclusion that “the IFOP makes it clear that they will use their influence to block any reforms, even these small ones.” -Chris Southwood

 This was all in response to my advocating legislation that would remove as subjects of bargaining contract language that shields cops from prosecution for criminal misconduct.

It turns out that among the reasons this hasn’t happened is that cop unions, including the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, are major contributors to both Democrats and Republicans, including Democratic Speaker of the House, Michael Madigan.

States Attorney Kim Foxx is calling on her fellow politicians to refuse FOP money.

Good for her!

The Sun-Times reports that Senate President Don Harmon got two grand in campaign contributions from the FOP.

Now he says he will contribute the cash to community organizations.

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul, Secretary of State Jesse White and the Illinois Democratic Party did not respond to questions about any plans regarding contributions each has received from the FOP.

Ald. Nick Sposato, who represents the Northwest Side’s 38th Ward and has received a total of $3,800 from the union since September 2018, said he had no intention of giving any money back or rejecting support from police organizations.

“I’m proud to say I’m one of their biggest supporters,” Sposato said. “They certainly do support me whenever they can. The FOP isn’t known to throw around a lot of money. … I still intend to donate to police funds, the police memorial fund, the FOP golf outing.”

“So no, I have no intention of one, not helping the police and two, I would 100% accept any support I get from police officers, the FOP, national police organizations or whatever. I’m proud to accept their support.”

Meanwhile most national, state and local unions continue their policy of silence when it comes to the cop “unions.”


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