Guaranteed salary. Start school when we’re ready and in a way that is safe.


I’m pretty sure that no matter what school districts decide about remote, hybrid or in-school learning, by mid year it will all be remote.

Every medical person and scientist I read says that as bad as some states have gotten, we are still in the first wave.

The trend line in Chicago, which before the reopening of whatever phase we are in was heading in a good direction, is now trending in the wrong direction.

I have two questions.

What is the hurry to start school if we don’t know what it should look like? It’s just an arbitrary date on the calendar.

What if we wait?

Ah, you say. Businesses are depending on a date specific so people can come back to work. Parents want to know too.

That is, if the parents have a job to go back to.

So, here is question two:

Why don’t we have a guaranteed income like Europe?

That would address the problem of question one.

What’s the rush? We are in the middle of the worst public health disaster in our history.

Schools could open when we have a fully safe plan and when teachers are ready for delivering quality remote instruction and support for all of our students.

I’ve served on many school planning committees. Better to focus on the worst case scenario.

I’m not thinking of a paycheck protection program where the government sends the money to businesses. I’m talking direct payments to workers.

Of course, we won’t get this out of the present Trump administration in time for school, or ever.

I guess I’m directing this at the Democrats.

It’s times like this when we should ask big questions. And I’m retired and quarantined and have time to think about these questions.


2 thoughts on “Guaranteed salary. Start school when we’re ready and in a way that is safe.

  1. You want money to go to workers? Obviously you did not get the message that $1,200 should last for 10 weeks.
    Donald Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin thinks that Americans should be able to survive on the $1200 stimulus checks for 10 weeks. While it may not be obvious to a couple of millionaires, $1200 is clearly not enough money for out-of-work citizens to survive on for 10 weeks.

  2. Your advice would save millions of children from suffering serious lung, kidney, heart, and brain damage that might last a lifetime. Your advice would save lives for additional millions of people of all ages.
    Your advice would actually help to make America become nearly as good as other major industrialized nations.
    Your advice disqualifies you from being a presidential candidate.
    You failed to mention the sacred Stock Market, facial Freedom, and saving bigly Confederate Monuments.

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