Is Madigan guilty? Of course he’s guilty.


Exelon/ComEd makes $2 billion a year.

So the $200 million fine levied against the company by the feds in the bribery scandal involving Speaker Mike Madigan is nothing.

Exelon’s stock climbed 3 percent Friday. The DPA holds only the corporate entity accountable. The ComEd bosses who bribed Madigan and his cohorts face no criminal charges.

A clean get-away.

Can the feds eventually get a conviction?

Who knows?

The one time I saw Madigan in Springfield he was eating dinner at Saputo’s with his chair backed to the wall. Big guys with pinkie rings kept coming by and whispering in his ear. Does a guy like this make sure there’s no wire?

You would think.

He’s 78 and the longest serving politician in the state. I guess he’s careful.

But if you’re innocent you don’t have to be careful.

So, the good news today is that Governor Pritzker, Mayor Lightfoot and 12 members of the Democratic legislative caucus: Carol Ammons, Will Guzzardi, Theresa Mah, Delia Ramirez, Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz;, Kelly Cassidy, Robyn Gabel, Lindsey LaPointe, Anna Moeller, Anne Stava-Murray, Ann Williams and Yoni Pizer all said that if these allegations are true, “Speaker Madigan and any other elected official involved in this scheme must resign from public service.”

By Illinois standards that kind of talk is a profile in courage, even with the modifying clause, “if these charges are true.”

Madigan’s a crook. Of course the charges are true.

Everyone knows he’s a crook. His political action fund has more money (lots coming from teacher unions including the IEA, IFT and the CTU) than the Illinois Democratic Party PAC and most gets spent on lawyers.

Innocent guys don’t need to spend so much on lawyers.

3 thoughts on “Is Madigan guilty? Of course he’s guilty.

  1. Actually, smart people know that Madigan is not supposed to be bothered when he is eating at Suputo’s. Sprngfield, by the way, considers that fine Italian cuisine. Bob

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  2. And I just remembered that political boss, Don Totten, when he was Cook County Republican Chair Had to met with “Fast Eddy” Vrdolyak. They meet the basement of a Treasure Island food store on the north side of Chicago and a minion “wanded” Don. Eddie said, “I have to assume everyone I met with could be wearing a wire.” Having said he got making a real estate deal with Stuart Levine, who of course was wearing a wire. One assumes Madigan used “buffers” on making a deal with anyone. But it will be the buffers that will flip. Bob Sent from my iPhone


  3. The arrogant Madigan has been hand-selecting our state representatives for decades.

    He is a huge beneficiary of our pay-to-play system. He sells out whomever he must, be it teachers, schools, the working poor or cannabis users.

    May he spend his declining years rotting in an 8 x 6 cell, like so many unfortunate people have had to do for far lesser offenses.

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