What makes AOC so good? She takes us all with her.


Nobody I know who watched Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shred Republican Ted Yoho live , or in a later clip on social media, was anything but thrilled.

There is no need here to go over the famous story of her being accosted by Yoho on the steps on the Capitol  and called a “fucking bitch.”

As she recounted in her point of personal privilege yesterday on the House floor, this was not her first rodeo.

After all, she is a working class woman of color in America. As she pointed out, this was not the first time she or any woman has been assaulted by men like Yoho.

And so she said she was just going to do what women often do and just walk on by.

But then Yoho went to the floor and lied about what he had said and done.

Ocasio said she could not let that go by.

AOC is the most progressive member of Congress and a charismatic leader of epic proportions.

She knows how to fight within the Democratic Party for our progressive agenda.

After all, it was by challenging a Democratic incumbent that she won her seat in the first place, running as a democratic socialist.

But she knows how to build a broader coalition when that is what is called for.

Like yesterday.

Coming to her defense was everyone from Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer to members of the Squad – Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts.

We have seen for a while how AOC has made the progressive agenda a central conversation, even as a first-term congresswoman from the Bronx and Queens.

But my take-away yesterday was how she can also build broader unity even among those who differ with her when that is what is needed.

She is a model that many on the Left can learn from.



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