Keeping socially distant from the “million unmasked march.”

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 11.23.52 AM
“Million” unmasked in Springfield this morning.

Organizers were calling it the “million unmasked march.”

These are folks who want to make wearing a mask a political issue and who want public schools open for in-person instruction.

It was scheduled today for 10am at the Illinois Capitol in Sangamon, County.

In a photo posted on Twitter by capital reporter @MikeMiletichTV, it seems the crowd size has fallen short of their goals.

State Journal Republican:

Sangamon County public health officials reported 22 additional positive cases of COVID-19 on Friday.

It marks the fifth consecutive day more than 20 COVID-19 cases were reported across the county and brings its overall count to 783 cases, including 34 deaths.

Also located in Sangamon County is New Berlin Consolidated School District #16.

In spite of the spike in C19 cases, the New Berlin school district plans to open with some in-person instruction.

While the New Berlin school board will be bringing children into an unsafe environment, they will not be inviting back former local union president, teacher and coach Joe Kindred.

Joe Kindred was terminated after the members of the union local voted no confidence in the now-departed superintendent Adam Ehrman in October.

Ehrman has sinced moved on to become superintendent of the Bourbonnais Elementary School District.

Also disciplined by the New Berlin board is current NBEA president Tonya Delaney. She received a one-day suspension.

“The IEA believes this is a clear case of union retaliation,” said IEA President Kathi Griffin. “Joe has the full power of the IEA behind him.”

From my experience, that’s not real encouraging.

But I wish Adam and Tonya the best of luck.

And I worry about the teachers and students in New Berlin as they return to school.


4 thoughts on “Keeping socially distant from the “million unmasked march.”

  1. Here is a letter that I wrote to Governor Holcomb [R-IN] this morning. He passed a meaningful law and then retreated.
    Governor Holcomb, I’m disappointed in you. Quote: “Face coverings can and will help us blunt the increase of this virus.” You didn’t stick to what you know. Instead, you followed Todd Rokita and President Trump who don’t care about the health of Hoosiers. Your chicken-shitted backward move means the virus will continue to spread. You issued a mask decree but there is no law enforcement!!

    I went into Target yesterday in Highland, IN. There is a sign on the door saying that masks are required of everyone who enters this store. I saw people with NO masks on.

    Having a law with no enforcement is not a law worth anything. You announced Wednesday that the new mask mandate would be a Class B misdemeanor to violate this law. Some lawmakers, sheriffs and police departments said they wouldn’t enforce the law. Our Attorney General thought this might be illegal. You heard them and backed down.

    Here is your now meaningless law:
    The exact wording in the order now says “state and local health departments shall be responsible for enforcing compliance through education about the importance of wearing face coverings and dispelling myths and misconceptions about the use and/or benefits of the requirement.”

    In total, 2,687 Hoosiers have died of COVID-19 and 60,598 Indiana residents are known to be infected by the coronavirus.


  2. Did the school district give a cause for letting the teacher go? Or don’t they have to do that anymore? Bob


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