Teacher union presidents Weingarten and Eskelsen-Garcia vote no to Medicare for All in Dem platform.

AFT’s Weingarten and NEA’s Esekelsen-Garcia.

Here’s a good wrap-up of the results of the Democratic Party’s platform committee meeting.

I want to briefly point out that representatives of the two national teacher unions, AFT President Randi Weingarten and NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia voted against including Medicare for All in the Party platform.

No surprise.

While there has been talk about the need for the Biden camp and the progressives to make compromises in order to create a common front against Trump, health care was apparently a line in the sand.

Weingarten has been an outspoken opponent of national health care for a while. Like other national union leaders she says she wants to protect the health care her AFT and other union locals have bargained.

Now that 30 million newly unemployed workers are without employer provided health insurance, this defense rings hollow.

Weingarten got some attention this week in threatening a national strike if teachers can’t be assured of safe working conditions because of COVID19.

But the only safe working conditions for millions of teachers is remote instruction.

Many teachers are now being forced to think about the the start of school and having to choose between their family’s safety and their jobs.

The platform committee repeatedly voted on Monday not to modify language that would push the party closer to embracing Sanders’ “Medicare for All” health insurance model, sticking with Biden’s preferred language promising to build on the 2010 healthcare law signed by President Barack Obama.

Abdul El-Sayed, an epidemiologist and former health commissioner for the city of Detroit, argued that the coronavirus outbreak demonstrates why the country needs a single-payer system like Medicare for All rather than just an expansion of the Affordable Care Act.

“We have an opportunity to go bigger because this moment demands it,” El-Sayed said, arguing for an amendment that was eventually defeated.

What a time to vote against national healthcare.

So out of touch.




12 thoughts on “Teacher union presidents Weingarten and Eskelsen-Garcia vote no to Medicare for All in Dem platform.

  1. The pandemic highlights the fact that we should have made Medicare For All a priority years ago. After we get a “blue wave” we can force the politicians and pundits to make this happen. To try and push MFA now would lead to a revolt against the Democrats….and there are many Republicans willing to vote Biden right now because of the current conditions. I certainly hope that the NEA and AFT will change their positions on this after the elections.

  2. This is slightly off topic, but Breaking Christian News is again saying that doctors believe hydroxychloroquine will cure Covid-19. What a bunch of BS. This is what people read and actually believe…hydroxychloroquine is SO good for curing COVID-19. Just ask Dr. Trump who got his degree from Trump University. [Do we really need Medicare for ALL when we can drink a quart of Clorox each morning?]
    I thought you would like this story from breakingchristiannews.com

    Google, Facebook, Twitter Shut Down ‘Frontline’ US Doctors Who Have Used and Promote HCQ as Effective Treatment for COVID
    Anthony Murdoch (Jul 29, 2020)

    “…There are many thousands of physicians who have been silenced for telling the American people the good news about the situation, that we can manage the virus carefully and intelligently, but we cannot live with this spider web of fear that’s constricting our country.” -Dr. Simone Gold

    [LifeSiteNews.com] A video viewed millions of times, which showed doctors championing hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for the coronavirus and blasting the “spider web of fear” the virus has caused Americans, was swiftly removed from YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for violating the sites’ respective COVID-19 “misinformation” policies. (Image: Breitbart /via LifeSiteNews)

    The banned video, originally posted by Breitbart News, was removed despite going viral. It shows a press conference held this Monday in front of the US Supreme Court by the group America’s Frontline Doctors in Washington, DC…


  3. Just when Medicare for All is most needed, our leaders again disappoint. It’s always one step forward and two steps back…The U.S. is becoming an unliveable nation.

  4. Shame, shame and more shame. So now, in the midst of a pandemic which appears unlikely to end anytime in the near future, nationally unionized teachers have joined the ranks of other selfish Americans-we’ve got ours so everyone else can go f**k themselves. Weingarten has needed to step down long ago. As the saying goes, put a fork in her, she’s done and has been for years.

    1. I know you mean national union LEADERSHIP, not “nationally unionized teachers.”
      The selfishness–or just plain NOT being a leader–is a trait, I believe, no rank-&-file members possess now or ever have. Or ever will.

  5. WTF is wrong with these two? The children we teach and their families have a human right to health care. For Randi and Lily to use the excuse that M4A will hurt union benefits is bogus. The Culinary Workers tried that line of BS in Nevada. Fortunately, the workers recognized that negotiated health care can also be taken away. They also recognized that many people around them did not have access to health care.

    Randi is the reason why I’m ready to quit giving to the COPE fund. Why support someone who is incapable of seeing we need stronger social systems, like M4A? With folks like Randi and Lily voting against health care as a human right, it makes unions look selfish.

    After the election, I am washing my hands of the corrupt DNC and its enablers, like Randi and Lily.

  6. 38 – 129. (I found an article that says 36 – 125). In either case, that’s pretty bad. But there was at least one more teacher’s reps on there. Evelyn De Jesus, former UFT VP, voted no. Who else? I don’t recognize the names, but a little confusing to see them alphabetized by first name.

  7. I have “good” state healthcare as a retiree negotiated by a union under the AFT. I pay $600 per month for family coverage, it includes dental and vision, but doesn’t include $25 co-pays. I didn’t realize ahead of time, but my 79 year old husband was kicked off my family plan when I retired. If he didn’t get coverage from the VA, we would be on the hook for an extra $141 per month through Medicare, even though before I retired he was fully covered under the plan I pay for. The whole thing is shameful.

  8. Any thoughts that employers (including school districts) insure employee health benefits throughout one’s employment are fallacious, as we should be more than well aware of insofar as the massive job losses in the U.S. Which is why, of course, we need national Medicare for all.
    Are Randi & Lily & their state counterparts going to pay their members’ medical bills? Provide them homes? Pay their bills? Food?
    We all know that we have only experienced a tad of the s**tstorm to come. What happens to teachers when the schools that do open have to be shut down? (One + covid case will do it!) When that happens (& it will), will teachers retain insurance or be paid? What happens if/when these “strikes” occur, teachers refuse to return to school, & their insurance is rescinded?

    It’s all okay, people: Randi, Lily, state leaders & their families have theirs; they’re not really concerned if you have yours.

    & P.S.–still have the B.S. argument, nationally, that ACA is best, because “people still get to keep THEIR insurance”
    (from their employers). WHAT employers? WHAT insurance???

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