What the hell is “cancel culture”? Poor John Kass.

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Nobody forced John Kass, formerly the Chicago Tribune’s page 2 columnist (the “Mike Royko spot”) to run a column about his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about George Soros.

Certainly even Kass is aware that the billionaire progressive Soros is used by the far-right and anti-Semites as a code for Jew.

The reaction was swift.

The Tribune Newspaper Guild issued a letter of condemnation.

The editors took away his page 2 spot.

He still has his job, however.

Kass is technically management and not a member of the Guild.

Poor John Kass now cries that he is a victim of Cancel Culture.

Cancel Culture a new term for me.

In checking on it I learned that a bunch of liberal intellectuals signed a letter a few weeks ago condemning Cancel Culture and had it published in Harper’s magazine.

Although some of those who signed the letter now claim they didn’t mean to.

To me it seems that the term Cancel Culture has replaced the pejorative use of  the term, Political Correctness as cover for defending bigoted speech.

Someone uses sexist language in my presence and I object.

“You’re just being politically correct.”

A racist joke?

Object to that and your objection is dismissed as being politically correct.

So, now it’s Cancel Culture.

Gregory Pratt is a great reporter for the Trib and a leader in the Guild.

The real problem is Kass wasn’t cancelled.






7 thoughts on “What the hell is “cancel culture”? Poor John Kass.

  1. Free Speech. I know you’ve heard of it. It’s what gives you the right to say and print what you want.

    It used to be that it applied to everyone – not just you and your friends. My meaning is, if you don’t get it, it also applies to John Kass. When we get to the point that we refuse to listen to opposing views we are no longer a free country or s free people.

    Be careful, Fred. You’re stomping on a lot of our American rights . Open up your mind and listen to everyone, not just those who agree with you. Long live John Kass and his freedom to speak what he thinks.

    1. This isn’t about free speech Sarah. It’s about commerce. I know you’ve heard of it. The Trib is a product that published an anti-Semitic trope by it’s leading columnist. To argue that hate speech is grounds for sending Kass looking for another job is not a government restriction on speech. It’s that market place.

      1. Saying “follow the money” which has been a long Chicago Cook County tradition of corruption is not anti-Semitic. If Soros contributes a lot of money to people he believes in and sponsors, with an agenda, Koch brothers did too – nothing new here. Why are you labeling everyone by their religion, Fred? Why are you dividing people in that manner? It is not a trope when someone donates money across states in order to support a cause. It is a fact. It is also interesting and should be explored. You making it into a religious persecution problem obscures the real story – why aren’t you intellectually interested in the influence of money and power in local political elections? why don’t you follow the story rather than smear fellow journalists? What is your agenda here? I read the guild statement, and it disrespects readers – we don’t become confused with “opinion” and “news” – but the media has been confused, as they bias the news with t their opinion when they report the news.

    2. You are absolutely correct that Free Speech, gives one the right to say and print what they want, but affording people “Freedoms” has responsibilities and accountabilities to society/mankind. Nothing in life is “Free”….not even Freedom. Just go shouting “fire” in a crowded theater to see where your freedom of speech lands you…..my guess is that you won’t like the surroundings.

  2. Yeah, of course Kass received Tribune readers’ “kindness & support.” They’re the same people who make up a large portion of Tribune readership; it’s known in Chicago as the conservatives’ paper (& the other, The Sun-Times, the liberals’). Those who sent “kindness & support” probably feel the same about Hurricane Katrina supporter Kristin McQueary (still on the Editorial Board).

    Full disclosure: we are Tribune subscribers, as well as Sun-Times subscribers. So, yeah, not part of the “cancel culture”
    (I hate that smarmy term, too, Fred.) Reminds me of the “Seinfeld” finale, when the lawyer tells Jerry, Kramer, George & Elaine, “You people have a name for everything!” (e.g.:”Low-talker,” “mimbo,” “shrinkage,” etc.)

  3. Kudos to Beth and Sarah – yes we have the right speak -even if another faction of the culture does not happen to agree today. That does not include taking over other people’s property, burning ,looting, etc.

    Kass is repeating a known fact of the people and groups Soros contributes – they have to supply that information – It is primary about his political views – religion has little impact on how he spends his fortune IMO.

    Recall the 1968 Dem convention when Daley Sr. gave the order to the police “Shoot to Kill” with regard to the protesters – they did not burn or loot – they disagreed with a war – yet the Daley is never mentioned as part of the Cancel Culture –

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