Will Madigan sink the Fair Tax?


Illinois’ regressive income tax system has been a topic of many posts here going back years.

Under the current system everyone pays a flat tax no matter how rich or poor. Unlike most other states and the federal government we don’t ask the rich to pay a larger percentage of their income to support schools and roads and public services.

That burden is overwhelmingly carried by the working women and men of our state, many of them members of both public and private sector unions.

The solution is a fair tax, progressive and graduated, that increases the percentage of state taxes paid if you are wealthy.

A fair tax was the centerpiece of Governor Pritzker’s campaign against the pro-business Bruce Rauner.

When Pritzker got elected he followed through by placing it on the November ballot as a proposed constitutional amendment.

As a constitutional amendment it will require a supermajority of the vote to pass.

It was always going to be close.

Now, with the scandal involving Michael Madigan, the price of poker just went up.

Many voters are concerned that passing the constitutional amendment that raises more money will be giving Madigan, who is Speaker of the House and Chairman of the state’s Democratic Party, a blank check to be spent on crooked deals like the one with ComEd.

JB recognizes the problem. He is trying to put distance between himself and Madigan.

CapitalFax reports that when Pritzker was asked if he was going to give any campaign money to committees controlled by Madigan he said, “That’s not something I intend to do.”

Meanwhile the state’s unions, including the state’s teacher unions, continue to write big checks to Madigan’s campaign organizations.

And none of the union’s leaders are demanding he resign. In fact only a few Democratic legislators, mostly the women, are demanding a resignation. Even the so-called progressive legislators.

Who will they blame if the fair tax goes down to defeat as a result?

They will need to look in the mirror.




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