In Chicago schools will open remote only.

Middle school teacher Brittany Myers (center) stands in protest last week at the Hillsborough County School District Office in Tampa, Fla. Teachers and administrators have rallied against the reopening of Florida schools due to concerns about the coronavirus.

It will be announced this morning that CPS will open this year with remote-only instruction. The country’s third largest school district will join Los Angeles. The LAUSCD has already announced remote-only instruction, in full collaboration with their teachers union, for the start of this year.

Only New York continues to pursue the absurdity of hybrid.

I have a personal concern about that because my daughters are New York City public school teachers and my grandchildren are public school students in New York.

Here in Chicago there is no doubt that the Mayor made the right decision to go with remote-only.

Yet in a system of so much institutionalized inequality and racism, many Chicago students and families will suffer as a result of their children being home rather that at school.

If we had a system that guaranteed a basic income, the decision would have been easier for many parents to manage.

If every parent and child knew where they would be living on the first of the month – a livable place that was affordable – the decision to keep their kids home would have been less stressful.

If parents knew that the law required that if they had a job it would come with a compassionate leave policy, then a choice to stay home with their kids would be something they could reasonably do.

And, on the other hand, if sending our children to school in facilities that were modern as the newest corporate office building downtown, with spaces that could accommodate all different options for grouping our students, including those with special needs, then different decisions also might have been reasonably considered.

Instead it became binary.

In or out.

So, somebody had to get hurt.



One thought on “In Chicago schools will open remote only.

  1. So thankful for a strong union.

    An elite private school in Chicago is insisting on five-day, in-person teaching for the lower grades. The staff is anguished over the choice between their jobs and their health.

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