What’s going on with our pensions at TRS? Nobody is talkin’ and nobody seen nothin’.

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This past week the Executive Director of my pension system, Richard Ingram, was forced out of his job after a meeting of the TRS board.

Nobody from the board will comment.

Earlier, Jana Bergschneider, who was the chief financial officer at TRS and worked there for 24 years, was also terminated.

Nobody at TRS will comment about her dismissal either.

They say they can’t comment on personnel matters.

I’ve never understood that explanation.

In April another TRS executive, CIO Jay Singh left after only nine months on the job. As the chief information officer at TRS had he seen something?

Nobody is commenting.

TRS spokesman Dave Urbanek isn’t speaking about it even though speaking is what you would think a spokesman gets paid to do.

Or maybe they get paid not to speak.

The Illinois Times:

David Urbanek, TRS spokesman, said that he could not give details surrounding the departures of Bergschneider and Ingram, saying that they are personnel matters. Devon Bruce, board chairman did not respond to an emailed request for an interview. After Illinois Times asked to speak with Bruce, Urbanek told the paper that the board chairman is not giving interviews.

“However, I have been authorized to provide the media with one addition piece of information: The Board’s unanimous vote came after an investigation of issues relating to Mr. Ingram’s contract conducted by the Chicago law firm of King and Spalding,” Urbanek wrote. “Leading the investigation for King and Spalding was its managing partner, Zachary Fardon, the former U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.”

Asked whether the investigation found any evidence of criminal conduct or whether any law enforcement agency has been contacted, Urbanek wrote in an email that he had no comment.

I first reported the story of Ingram’s departure on Tuesday. It was ignored by others in the media until Thursday when several hours before TRS members were notified by email, Greg Hinz of Crain’s ran with the story.

Now the story is gone again.

How can we not speculate that some financial hanky panky involving Ingram and Bergschneider is what was going on?

I’ve been around long enough to remember the last TRS scandal involving Stuart Levine, Bill Cellini, Tony Rezko  and Rod Blagojevich.

Stuart Levine was a TRS board member and he was involved in all kinds of illegal stuff involving the TRS pension system’s business and the Blago campaign and steering business to Bruce Rauner and I can’t explain all of the rest because it’s Springfield corruption and how is Mike Madigan still Speaker and Democratic Party chairman?

So absent of any comment from those at TRS I am assuming the worst.

Because its our money.


4 thoughts on “What’s going on with our pensions at TRS? Nobody is talkin’ and nobody seen nothin’.

  1. Well that’s how it works in IL with our legislators, et.al, thinking OUR money is THEIR money, isn’t it?

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