Teacher union support for Madigan is a puzzle.


The political action committees under Michael Madigan’s control have roughly $22 million in the bank.

Teacher union contributions are among the receipts.

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 10.02.57 AM

As recently as July the Chicago Teachers Union gave a Madigan-controlled political action committee a check for $10,000.

This is just one deposit. The total over time to Madigan from the state’s teacher unions is in the millions of dollars.

Last summer it came out that the Friends of Michael Madigan political action committee had spent nearly a million dollars for lawyers and a settlement resulting from sexual harassment charges by political consultant Alaina Hampton against associates of The Speaker.

Teacher union contributions helped pay those bills.

Writing in the Sun-Times a few days ago, veteran political reporter Phil Kadner wrote: 

I told him that I couldn’t think of a single thing he (Madigan) had accomplished of any significance. Nothing I would identify with him. No monument to his efforts. What had he done? What was he proudest of?

He did not get angry. He paused and seemed to ponder his response.

He told me there were two things he was proudest of and mattered to him the most. Democratic control of the Illinois House of Representatives and his daughter’s political career.

Madigan’s name was all but spelled out by the feds in the recent scandal over ComEd.

But still the teacher union dollars flow into his bank account.

Our teacher unions have refused to join in the demand that Madigan resign even though over his 30 years as Speaker he has been no friend of teachers or public schools. 

Among teacher union retirees we still remember Madigan’s assault on our retirement savings. Only the historic ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court saved us.

As I say, teacher union support for Madigan continues no matter what.

It’s a puzzle.

4 thoughts on “Teacher union support for Madigan is a puzzle.

  1. WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2012

    “Responsibility” according to the Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan

    “There is a concept in America that we all strive to live under which is called responsibility, responsibility for our actions. And when one person can spend money and send the bill to somebody else, that’s not responsible; that’s not responsibility; that’s un-American” –M. Madigan

    How should we respond to Madigan’s “concept in America that we all strive to live under…” when he wants the state’s policymakers to shift the “responsibility” of the state’s debts to public employees and other taxpayers and their school districts? Is that responsible?

    Madigan’s new definition of “responsibility” is about sacrificing teachers and other public employees. It is about a disregard for active and retired teachers’ dignity, about betrayal and indifference and not honoring a legal and moral commitment and “responsibility.”

    What really matters for Madigan and his cronies is the elimination of the state’s pension payments (at any cost) and not a reform of the state’s inequitable and unbalanced revenue system and pension debt problems.

    Madigan’s new definition of “responsibility” is about coercing teachers and other public employees to make an unconstitutional choice or lose the modest, non-guaranteed state’s health insurance subsidy and creditable earnings in retirement.

    It entails establishing an inefficient Cash Balance Plan, a 401 (k) scheme that is profitable for pension-consulting companies and employers, contract and pension lawyers and actuaries, but is not as profitable and cost-effective as the constitutionally-guaranteed defined-benefit pension plan.

    Madigan’s new definition of “responsibility” involves a deliberately vague and ambiguous legislation that would have diminished Article XIII, Section 5 of the Illinois Constitution, even though there are better legal and moral alternatives that do not violate the Pension Protection Clause, such as the ability to raise money through revenue restructuring so the State of Illinois can pay its debts responsibly.

    Madigan’s new definition of “responsibility” maintains the wealthiest people among us who do not pay tax rates commensurate with their incomes, and it supports tax breaks for large corporations.

    Madigan’s new definition of “responsibility” also means sustaining the unethical “winner-take-all” economy for the wealthy egomaniacs among us at the expense of everyone else; thus, it means scapegoating teachers, other public employees and retirees by legislators who align their interests with those who want laws passed that preserve their concentrated economic privilege and power.

    And when Madigan says, “When one person can spend money and send the bill to somebody else, that’s not responsible; that’s not responsibility; that’s un-American,” that is precisely what Madigan and all the General Assemblies he has controlled have done throughout the past decades.

    How incongruous is this declaration by a politician who callously exploits his power, resources and sycophantic loyalists? How ironical is his so-called “reform” bill that will force the state’s public employees and other middle-class taxpayers to pay for debts that were the result of political and ethical corruption during his protracted tenure as Speaker of the House?

    -Glen Brown


  2. Fred, the answer is simple, you give your money to Mr. Madigan and he doles it out to his good little representatives to help them to be re-elected. Bob


    1. But, hell Bob, anybody could do that job without it being siphoned off for Madigan’s lawyers and bribes. The CTU claims it’s a “social justice union.” Where the social justice in that?

  3. It’s very sad that CTU would cut its own throat but you are not alone.LIUNA Chicago Laborers District Council on July 28th have Madigan $362,500 even though Laborers took pay cuts from 2008 thru 2010 w/35 hr.work week & no holiday pay & no overtime pay.LIUNA also negotiated a new category laborers called “ general laborer” for all new hires as of Jan.1 2011 who’s pay is permanently 60% of a career service laborer& can be fired for any reason during a 6 year probation.LIUNA members pay the highest %of dues of any city employee.Now I know why.

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